• Plumbers in Torrensville

  • Between the beach and the city, Torrensville is the ideal suburb for those who want the best of both worlds. As with many older suburbs with small trendy houses in a multi-cultural neighbourhood, maintenance issues usually strikes when we least expect it. Fortunately the 24/7 emergency services of ABA Plumbing & Gas will come to your rescue whenever you need us. As an owner-operated, local business we care about our community. We are one phone call away. NO CALL OUT FEES, great low rates and the best customer service that is second to none. 

  • Hot Water

    The party’s over and the dishes are stacked to the ceiling when you realise your hot water system is on the blink. Don’t despair, our team of experts are quick to replace or repair. Just one call will put you in touch with our service expert, and get a team to your door at any time of the day or night. We fix gas, electric and solar, and use only well-known brand names like Vulcan, Bosch or AquaMAX. You never have to let a faulty water heater spoil your party ever again.

  • Burst Pipes

    Water in your roof, walls or floors spell disaster. Not only will the wasted water dramatically increase your water bills, it can also cause permanent damage to the structure of your house. In the case of a burst pipe, a call to ABA Plumbers & Gas’s emergency number will minimise the current and future damage to your property. Our expert will advise you on immediate action and get a specialist to your property in the shortest possible time. Our technicians will not only fix the problem, they will make sure the problem does not recur in future.

  • Leaking Taps

    There’s a drip in the kitchen and a leak in the bathroom. What are you going to do? Why not give your local tap fixer and leak eliminator a call? One phone call to ABA plumbing will put an end to your frustration, your water wastage and your unnecessary high water bills. Our expert service crew carry a wide range of replacement stock in their vans, which make them one stop shops. No drip, no leak, no waiting for parts. No problem.

  • Blocked Drains

    Spending lots of time outdoors and on the beach means our showers and bath outlets often get blocked by hair, sand and other debris. Fortunately, we know just how to fix the problem without delay. Our specialist maintenance crew are available around the clock to unblock, and clean out your drain with minimum disruption, digging or mess. We use state of the art CCTV inspections and hydro jets to fix the problem in time for your next shower.

    Don’t delay. Call now. Our all-hours emergency number is manned by qualified plumbers who can assist and advise you while a maintenance crew is on the way. With no call-out fee, discount for pensioners and online specials, we only offer peace of mind and quick solutions. Call our number and speak to a plumber.

  • What are your rates?

    When it comes to knowing how much out plumbing or gas services will cost, you should ring us today and receive a quote before you jump in. Every job will be different and will cost a different price. We will assure you that we offer the cheapest prices than any one else and will also provide you with the best customer service while at the same time saving $$$