• Life Insurance in Burnside

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    Are you looking into life insurance in Burnside? Talk to Mandy Lam and the team at Infinit Wealth for all the best financial advice in Adelaide. They have helped hundreds of South Australians choose the best policy for their particular circumstance. Life insurance is not a one size fits all product, it needs to be custom fitted if it is to provide maximum coverage for each individual. When we think about life insurance, we are thinking about looking after others. It is a decision to provide for our loved ones and family, even, in the tragic advent of our demise. Getting the right coverage is an important part of the process.

    Insurance Terms & Conditions

    Have you heard the expression, “the devil is in the detail”? When it comes to personal insurance, understanding all the terms and conditions is a vital prerequisite to creating a successful outcome. If there is one thing you want to get absolutely right, it is your life insurance policy. Mandy Lam at Infinit Wealth can make sure that you are covered 100%, and that the policy is specifically designed to meet all your family’s needs. Peace of mind when it really matters.

    When Money Matters Most

    As the provider for your family, you know just how important your weekly financial contribution is to their wellbeing. What happens if you are seriously injured or get really sick? Personal insurance through income protection can maintain your family through these tough times. Salary continuance coverage means that you retain an income stream when money matters most. Infinit Wealth can help you make sure that your life in Burnside is supported, despite the duress.

    In the advent of a major illness or medical procedure you can prepare for this eventuality through Trauma and Serious Illness Insurance. This policy can insure you against heart attack, stroke and cancers. It provides a lump sum payment to help meet the costs of medical care and rehabilitation. It can be your safety net for you and your family. Personal insurance helps you and it really helps others to get through these challenging times.

    A Map of the Future

    Financial planning is like creating a map of the future. Working with experts who know the ins and outs of the many financial products in the marketplace. Mandy Lam at Infinit Wealth helps people with their superannuation, retirement planning, investment loans, home loans, refinancing, wealth creation, general insurance and car finance. Having a map of the future is a big advantage when it comes to creating financial freedom. Talk to someone who knows and cares about your future today, it can make a world of difference to your tomorrow.