• Pest Control in Craigmore

  • OzPest are the leading pest control agents in Craigmore ready to help get your problems solved. We have all of the tools and expertise to deal with termites, spiders, ants, bees and any other infestations you’re facing. Our pest treatments are child and pet friendly too, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Whether you need pest control for a residential home, office or industrial facility, we do it all. Get started today with OzPest – contact us now!

  • Experts Across All Areas

    Our comprehensive inspections ensure we’ll locate any pest infestations in your building, shed, decking and pergola areas. We deal with all types of pests, so book an inspection today! 

    • Spiders: Redbacks, funnel webs and whitetips are all nasty pests that need fast and professional eradication. Our child and pet friendly treatments are odourless and won’t leave stains around your home – and they’re backed by OzPest’s 6 month warranty.
    • Flies: Flies breed and infest quickly, becoming a huge annoyance to your property. Talk to OzPest about our range of solutions to deal with fruit fly, blow fly, cluster fly and more.
    • Ants: OzPest can set up an ant control program for your property to help clear and avoid ant infestations. Our specially formulated ant perimeter sprays, baits and dusts are child and pet friendly, and are backed by OzPest’s 6 month warranty.  
    • Bees & Wasps: These insects cause painful stings and even anaphylactic reactions in some people. If you’ve found a nest, don’t try to deal with it yourself – call the professional team at OzPest to remove it safely and thoroughly to avoid re-infestation.
    • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs require fast and effective treatment to rid them from your mattress or bed base before they cause skin irritations. We use safe insecticides to eradicate the bugs, discretely servicing homes, motels and hotels. 
  • Termite Solutions

    Termites are one of Adelaide’s greatest threats to your property’s structural integrity. Avoid extensive damage and bills for your home and book an inspection from OzPest. We use state of the art Termatrac T3i technology and borescopes to detect termites and the damage they may have caused.

    If termites aren’t present, you can choose from a range of preventative chemical or physical barriers to protect your home in the future. However, if termite activity is detected, our experienced team will use our non-toxic and effective in-soil pesticide barriers, dusts and baits to kill off the termites quickly. We’ll tailor a termite protection program for your property to ensure the termites are gone for good.

    Make sure you don’t inherit someone else’s termite problem - book a pre-purchase inspection before you buy. Our detailed report on termite activity will put your mind at ease, so you can move in with confidence. 

  • Our Team

    With years of industry experience treating pests across Craigmore, the fully licensed pest control and fumigation experts at OzPest are a cut above the rest. As a family owned and operated business, we rely on satisfied clients to spread the word about our quality service. That’s why Rob and his team deliver unbeatable workmanship and advice at great prices. Stay in touch on Facebook to be the first to get special deals for your pest control needs too.