• Real Estate Rostrevor

    In the market for real estate in Rostrevor, or thinking of selling your home? Why not speak to the leading property agents in the City of Campbelltown? Korn Real Estate know Adelaide; and they are experts in buying, selling and managing rental properties in this area. When you want someone with a bit of ‘get up and go’, Korn Wang and his team have the sales on the board to prove it. Korn Real Estate love selling houses, and achieving exceptional purchase prices for their vendors. Clients have described this organisation as ‘dynamic’ and ‘driven to succeed’; they promise to be the first on the scene and the last to leave.

  • Property Management Rostrevor

    The investment property market in Rostrevor is undergoing somewhat of a boom of late and Korn Real Estate has a substantial number of properties under its care and management. Ian Wang, Senior Property Manager at Korn Real Estate, is excited to be helping so many property investors in this area. Vigilant care and maintenance of the property, attention to detail, courteous client relationships and top rental returns are all reasons why Korn are number one in property management in Rostrevor. Talk of negative gearing, in this part of the property market, coming under review by future governments is another reason why, now, is the time to get into the market. Let Korn Real Estate remove the hassles of becoming a landlord; and reap the rewards on your investment.

  • Real Estate Agents

    There are real estate agents, and there are real estate agents; some talk a good game but their results are mixed. Korn Real Estate agents are not content to let the grass grow under their feet, they are out there day after day, meeting prospective buyers and showing properties. There are sometimes not enough days in the week for this motivated team of sales professionals. Referrals and repeat business are all integral parts of their successful approach to the real estate business in Rostrevor and surrounding suburbs.

  • About Korn

    Some say they have the longest list of contacts in Rostrevor; Korn Real Estate has a network of buyers and sellers stretching back a considerable length of time. In real estate it is who you know that makes a big difference to how long it takes to sell a house or apartment.

  • Good to Talk to & Great Performenrs

    When you contact Korn and Ian you will be pleasantly surprised by their polite and courteous manner; success and good manners are not incompatible in some places it seems. Talk to Korn Real Estate today about buying or selling a home.

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