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    We all know how annoying Australia’s ever changing climate can be. One day it can be pouring with rain while the next it can be 30 degrees. A simple desk fan is not going to keep you cool during these types of changes and so you will need a quality heating and cooling system installed in your home or office. We specialise in these types of systems and want to help find the right one for you no matter your budget. Provide the level of cooling and heating to your family and employees that will leave them with a smile on their face. We also service and repair many makes and models of units and have a team that is always on call 24/7 that can come to your premises at any time to have your unit running smoothly and efficiently again.
    Our team in constantly on the road and are always working in and near Medindie (5081) call us today and speak with us about your next heating and cooling installation or repair.

  • Split System or Ducted cooling?

    Does your home or office sweater during the summer? Is it uncomfortable to be in? Then why not have a split system or ducted system installed in your residential home or commercial business. We are the leading supplier and installer of many types of split and ducted systems that can provide a level of comfort that no one else can. These systems will provide you with the best possible cool and warm airflow to every room of your home and office and will be far more energy efficient that anything else. It does not matter what room you want to cool or warm up, these systems are the best product for the job and will keep every room equally and comfortable as the rest. We only stock and install the industries best brand and will make sure they are installed to the best possible standard so they run quietly, efficiently and as brilliantly as they possibly can.

  • What heating & cooling units do we service?

    Every now and then your cooling and heating unit is going to need to be serviced or repaired. Just like a car they can tend to break down if not look after properly or if overused in harsh conditions. We service and repair almost every make and model such as Fujitsu, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi and LG and almost every style of system like the ones we stock such as split system, ducted, portable cooling, reverse cycle and a wide range more. We have a dedicate and reliable team that is on the road and on call 24/7 that are more than happy to come to your home and service and repair any conditioning systems you have and give you expert advice on how to clean and maintain them to prevent any future breakdowns.

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