• Laser Tattoo Removal in Keswick

  • Tattoos used to be a lifetime decision. And some of those decisions can be made in haste, or on the spur of the moment for some people. This is why almost 27% of Australians with tattoos regret at least one of their tattoos according to the researchers at McCrindle. Old methods of tattoo removal used to be expensive, painful, and ineffective. But not anymore! At our company, we have the equipment and know-how to remove, fade or cover up any tattoo, with any composition of colors, from any skin type. Using the best laser removal utility in the business, we will help you realize your goals for your skin and ink work.


    As you evolve, so do your tastes. What once used to look great on you or be relevant to you may no longer be. When you commit your tastes to a piece of art work on your skin, there is always the risk that your interests or worldview may change. And this is where we come in. We will be able to see the potential in your piece and redesign it so that you’re left with something that represents you as you are today. With just 3-5 treatments, we will be able to fade your tattoo enough to leave only a vague outline of your former piece. Once we have that outline, we can work around it to create something that will truly speak to the person you want to be. 


    The RevLite SI is the best, safest, and most efficient laser tattoo removal utility on the market for all of your tattoo removal and fading needs. The RevLite SI works by sending light energy through your tattooed skin and dissipating the ink deposits which then leave your system through the natural processes of the body. Treatments with the RevLite SI are safe, as agreed upon in over 50 peer reviewed scientific papers. And the results are frankly fantastic, because of the RevLite SI’s ability to break down difficult colors such as fluorescent greens and yellows just as effectively as dark base colors such as black or blue. Our clients can expect to have their chosen tattoo removed within 5-15 treatments. Treatments with the RevLite Si are fast, lasting for approximately 60 seconds each; and cost effective, at an (enquire for costs)