• Swimming Pool Fences Adelaide

    If you have a swimming pool, it needs to be fenced. There are many types of swimming pool fences, but most have one feature in common. This is the ability to look through a fence and visibly view pools. The reasons are simple, first of all, being able to see through the fence is a great safety precaution, which is important around water. Second of all a pool is an expensive investment, and it's worth being able to view it through a pool fence and enjoy feeling on holidays all year round. So what types of fences are popular, and showcase your backyard water feature for all to see.

  • Glass Pool Fencing

    Glass pool fences, or glass balustrade are for me the pick of the fences. Frameless glass fences are exceptionally stunning, as they don't have any obstruction to viewing at all. The drawback can often be the cost, with glass fencing prices starting from $110 a lineal metre and heading upwards in price rapidly. plus then you need an expert pool fencer to come and install your glass fence.
    There are a couple of tips I have if you are thinking about installing a glass pool fence, or glass balustrade. The first one is don't over-capitalise. Work out exactly where your views of the pool are coming from, is it the kitchen, the outdoor decking area or somewhere else? Then strategically create a fence long enough to get the view, but not using the frameless glass for the entire length. This will still give the look you desire, but cut down dramatically on fence costs.
    The second tip I can suggest (and this looks stunning by the way) is to get an LED lighting strip. Put it facing upwards in the runners where you are putting your glass balustrade or pool fences, and lay the fence on top of it. At night the lights will go through the glass fencing lighting it up in neon blue, red or any other wild colour you choose. It really does create quite an amazing visual effect at night on your fence.

  • Steel Pool Fencing

    Steel pool fencing is popular because of the gaps you can see through. It is low maintenance, very tough, and slightly cheaper on average than glass fencing. A steel pool fence is often galvanised or powder coated to stand up to and weathering.

  • Where can I find Pool Fencing in Adelaide?

    You are on the right website to find pool fencing contractors. Here we rate and review all our fence contractors and let you see photos of their work. This is important when making a decision, as you want to see more than just a business name and a phone number. The review element of our site is extremely important, as you can see who the quality pool fencers are compared to the cowboys.

  • Council Regulation On Pool Fences

    Before you engage a fence contractor in Adelaide, or anywhere for that matter, check the local council guidelines. All pools must now have a fence, but each local council varies a lot on their rules regarding fences. As them about height, access, types of gates, and distance of setback. The last thing you want to do is spend a substantial amount on a pool fence, only to be one of the unlucky homes they audit from time to time. Good luck, and we know looking on our site you will find some quality pool fencers.
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