• Panel Beaters

    Panel beaters are less beaters and more masseurs and manipulators these days. They can even perform Paintless Dent Removals, which takes a lot of the hip pocket pain out of repairing some dings and creases on your car. Artini Crash Repairs have a host of year’s panel beating experience in their workshop and can adjudge the best procedure to repair and refinish your Pasadena vehicle.

  • About Artini Crash Repairs

    David Pastro is Artini Crash Repair’s Customer Manager, and David is dedicated to constantly improving the customer service they offer. You can email a picture of your damaged car to Artini Crash Repairs, so that they can assess your vehicle online. They have loan cars available at modest rates. Artini Crash Repairs guarantee their top quality workmanship. Give David a call today about your Pasadena vehicle’s crash repair requirements.

  • Crash Repairs Pasadena SA 5042

    Are you looking for panel beating and crash repairs for your Pasadena vehicle? Look no further than Artini Crash Repairs; the premier Adelaide crash repair service. With over two decades experience in getting crashed cars back on the road in tip top shape, Director Joe Artini and his team of qualified technicians will impress even the most pessimistic. Experience and expertise, combine with a commitment to competitive pricing to deliver a quality service. Artini Crash Repairs is recommended by SA Fleet, SA Police, Delnote Constructions and the Mitcham Council.

  • Five Stages to Completion

    The five stage process that Artini Crash Repairs instigates upon your Pasadena car or vehicle begins with an Estimate. They will Estimate the cost and time involved in your crash repair; next, they will Repair the damage; then, Refinish your car’s surface; then, Reassemble your vehicle; before, finally, doing a Quality Control check. Nothing escapes the eagle eye of the Artini Crash Repairs’ technicians.

  • Infrared Drying Technology

    New innovative panel beating and spray painting technologies are delivering exceptional results. This means that your Pasadena car will look like a brand new vehicle when it leaves the Artini Crash Repair’s workshop. Jobs are processed quicker and with a level of workmanship never before seen. Catch a glimpse of yourself in the new car gleam and you will probably be smiling.

  • Insurance Claims

    Artini Crash Repairs can help you with your insurance claim process, with the guidance that comes with twenty years experience in the game. Never fear Artini are here! They know what to look out for and what is required for the smooth processing of your insurance claim.

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