• Irrigation Supplies Angle Vale

    Get into Irrigation Works for the largest range and best prices on commercial grade irrigation systems servicing Angle Vale and surrounds.

    Get quality advice on which systems will suit your job the best. Talk to our team of irrigation supply experts in Angle Vale about equipment for any project. Whether you want to improve your home garden watering, pumping water into your house, or you own a few thousand acres of vineyard, we have everything you need. 

  • Vineyard & Commercial irrigation supplies

    We are Angle Vale’s leading company for high quality pumps, tanks, sprinklers, all irrigation equipment and spare parts. Our product range covers domestic pumps, irrigation pumps, fire-fighter pumps, bore pumps, Poly and PVC pipe, pipe fittings, filters, all types of valves, drip line and drippers, water meters, sprinklers, irrigation controllers, soil moisture monitoring equipment, spray equipment and thousands of spare parts.

  • Come in and Browse our Shop

    Before you pop into our irrigation supplies shop near Angle Vale, it’s important that you have a rough idea of how much water is available. This can be achieved by doing a simple flow test.

    A flow test is simply an estimate of the rate at which water flows out of your tap. To find this information, take all fittings (hoses etc.) off one of the garden taps and turn it on full force. Place a household bucket underneath the tap and time how long it takes to reach the top of the bucket. This information will help us determine the most suitable components for your garden.

    When you visit our irrigation shop, we will be able to estimate the length of pipe and the number of fittings that you will need. This expert advice is all part of our service.

  • How to look after your Sprinkler System

    If you have a sprinkler or dripper system to water your garden, you want to keep it as well maintained as possible – to make sure you’re getting the most efficiency.

    Here’s what you can do.

    • Flush the lines at the beginning and end of the watering season
    • Check the hoses and pipes regularly for leaks, splits and blockages
    • If the ends of a dripper system are coming off, check the water pressure going into the irrigation system—you may need to reduce the pressure
    • Check the filter at least once a month (more often if using bore water) to ensure it is free of muck and debris
    • Make sure your sprinklers are carefully directed to plants, so each drop reaches where it needs to go – so that you're not wasting water on the driveway, house or footpath
    • Be familiar with the water restrictions in Angle Vale.

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