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  • Landscaping Supplies in the Adelaide Hills

    In the Adelaide Hills we have the largest range of supplies. Our landscaping centre has a huge stock of rubbles, gravels, bark, mulches, soils and sands. We are confident that anything you need will be available. If you have a unique requirement for landscaping supplies in the Adelaide Hills, we will source these products for you.

  • Landscaping Centre Mt Barker

    Our Landscaping centre is open to the public 7 days a week, and to tradespeople in need of landscape supplies Adelaide Hills. We have a huge range of soils, mulches, gravels and outdoor building supplies. You can visit us in person, shop online or order a delivery. We have a fleet of trucks, utes and tippers to cater for any amount you order. Our delivery service also operates seven days.
    We cater to professionals and also weekend renovators. Everyone is welcome 7 days a week. Always offering friendly service and advice on the best types of gardening supplies for your project. Our staff are happy to answer questions and steer you in the right direction of the landscape supplies you[ll need to get your job done at maximum efficiency.

  • Sand, Mulch, Soil

    We have mountains of various styles of sands. From bricklaying sand through to sandpit sand and even an enriched organic loam sand. Each has a specific purpose and there is sure to be the right sand for your job. If you aren't sure please come in or make a phone call with your requirements. Our staff can advise you on the best sand for the job.
    We have mulches and bark chip of all different sizes and colours. nothing finishes off a renovation like fresh pine bark mulch in a colour that suits your home's garden. We have paving rubble, road base, gravel and everything a landscaper, paver, or concreter could want.

  • Bagged Supplies

    Not everything needs to come by the ton or the truckload. Some of the best landscape supplies come in small packages. We have bags of quickset cement, small bags of sand and various colours of cement. These come in 20kg bags and are priced from $7.75 to $21.30 a bag depending on your needs.
    Tradesman Discounts
    At our landscape supply outlet we support the weekenders looking to renovate your home and improve your yard with the most competitive prices in the hills. We do offer something a little special for those who make landscaping their livelihood. At the moment we have a 10% trade discount on all landscaping supplies and building supplies. This can be cashed in when you visit us, or for online orders you will just need to enter your tradie promotion code when you reach the checkout part of your sale.

  • Visit our Landscape Centre in the Adelaide Hills

    So if you are a weekend gardener looking to complete a landscaping DIY project in your Adelaide Hills home, or a seasoned professional landscaper looking for the greatest range and value on your landscape supplies, call in and see us. Our friendly team have years of experience and are very familiar with all our soils, gravels mulches and more. This means we have taken the time to train our motivated staff in order to assist you. Don't be afraid to pop in to our location in the Adelaide Hills and have a good chat about your project. Customer service and a hands on approach is what separates our landscape supply centre from the rest.

    So what are you waiting for, hop in the car and come visit us to seek inspiration for your home garden this weekend.

  • Brilliant Service

    Customer service is important to us. It's not just a matter of having a friendly disposition, but having the knowledge to ask about your project and offer genuine and helpful advice. We have been established for over 10 years, that's a lot of experience, and some of our staff have been involved in landscaping even longer than that. Our staff know each product inside out and which can be most suitable for your needs. So don't be shy about discussing your job and asking for recommendations. It might save you a lot of time and money when you get the job done right.