• Property Management in Hallett Cove

  • Property Management Hallet Cove

    Looking for professional property management for your Hallet Cove residence? Adelaide South Property is the shining light in this space in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. They have a large portfolio of properties under their management and continue to lead the way when it comes to regular returns on investment and well maintained properties. Home owners in South Australia who choose to rent their properties out, are finding things easier with their professional help. Help with getting the right tenant. Help with maintaining property standards. And help with getting consistent returns on their investment. Talk to one of their property managers today about what they can offer you.

  • Rental Income & Tenants

    The relationship between reliable rental income and good tenants is an integral one. Adelaide South Property can show you how to present your Hallet Cove home to prospective tenants, so that you will attract the right kind of tenant. ‘A good home will attract good people,’ is the maxim that they have come to know and trust. Setting standards early on will make it much easier to maintain those standards throughout the leasehold period. Your property manager will conduct home open sessions with prospective tenants, and screen these applicants comprehensively, before advising you on the best available applicant. Regular routine inspections will ensure the correct maintenance of your property throughout the leasehold arrangement. These inspections are stringent and very thorough to ensure up to date information is available to you as the property owner. 

  • Landlord Rights & Responsibilities

    Adelaide South Property provide support to you as a landlord in Hallet Cove, and surrounding suburbs, through their systematic approach to property management. Rental arrears are not tolerated, and leases can and will be terminated on this basis. Clear communication channels between parties can avoid these costly interruptions to rental returns on investment. Adelaide South Property deliver industry best returns in ‘on time’ rental income for their clients.  Professional property management removes much of the burden on landlords, and makes things easier for both parties to get on and do the right thing. Landlords and tenants both have rights and responsibilities which must be maintained throughout the leasehold period.

  • Property Protection & Investment Returns

    Professional property management in Hallet Cove can deliver solid returns on your investment and invaluable protection of your property. Why risk the woes and pitfalls of a bad tenant, when you can put your trust in the people with the experience and expertise to provide peace of mind where it really matters? Adelaide South Property take the hassle out of being a landlord, talk to them today about your situation.