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  • Retaining Walls Adelaide & Adelaide Hills

    Fletchers are suppliers and installers of quality retaining walls in the Adelaide Hills. Fletchers was established in 2000, and over the past 15 years, have installed and repaired dozens of retaining walls throughout the entire Adelaide Hills region.

    Based in Strathalbyn, and founded by Stuart Fletcher, Stuart aimed to provide the highest level of service throughout the Hills and country areas for his landscaping and retaining wall business. When you engage Stuart and his team, you are acquiring years of knowledge specific to the local area. Stuart has created retaining walls in tight access areas, on all degrees of slopes, working with with every soil type imaginable. Fletchers have a variety of different look sleepers to make your wall more decorative than a plain concrete sleeper. You can get in touch with Stuart on the contact form below for a quote on your Adelaide Hills retaining wall.


  • Important Design Elements

    There are not too many allotments in the Adelaide Hills that are perfectly level. This means that you will more than likely require some soil retention on your property.

    If the slope is minimal and retaining walls are kept under 1 metre in height, then engineering drawings are not required. This is a cost saver, and something to bear in mind when purchasing a sloping allotment.

    Retaining walls must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the soil, and include some form of drainage in many cases to limit stress over time. By choosing Fletchers, you are engaging an industry specialist who will ensure the post holes are deep enough, the steel posts are strong enough, and the sleepers suit the desired look of your home or garden.

    With over 15 years of experience, free quotes, and knowing that you are dealing directly with Stuart, the owner, you can rest assured your job is in safe hands.

    We offer  a wide variety of services that can help with any and all projects that you may be undertaking at you home from

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    retaining walls mount barker

    concrete retaining walls

    patterned concrete sleepers

  • Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

    Are you after a wall that will not only look good, but be the strongest possible build to ensure that no soil movement occours? Then a concrete build may be the option for you. The best upside to building with this type of material is it is strong, weather proof and can last a life time. One of the many advantages that this type of material has is endless, but one that customers seem to find most appealing is that its cheap. Unlike timber, concrete is very cheap in larger quantities, and it generally has a much stronger finish that can withstand the elements, and will keep the soil where it is mean to be. 

  • When Do I need a Retaining Wall?

    When a block of land is sloping and you need to create a flat platform for building, the resulting "cut out" of land will require a retaining wall to hold back the soil on the high side. This is a method that is very common in the hills and higher up suburbs. This is one of the safest and most benifical ways to create the platform at your home, office of structure. This will allow the area to be safe and structured by the wall so there will be now sliding of the dirt and soil behind it. 

  • Boral Retaining Walls

    This type of wall is with out a doubt one of the most popular, and has become the fore front of most homes in the modern age. Not only does it look fantastic, but they will suit any style of home no matter how modern or how old. This type of wall is segmental which means it is mad up of individual pieces instead of one large piece, like concrete and some timber builds. This gives the whole design a much more aesthetic beauty feel to it, and will continue to look great for many years to come. 

  • Are retaining Walls Expensive?

    Retaining walls do not need to be ugly, with the many types of natural blocks, concrete sleepers and patterned concrete sleepers available through Fletchers. Nor do they need to be expensive. Prices do rise as the height of the required retaining wall increases, and with some of the more designer looking sleepers, but with Stuart offering free quotes and the most competitive prices in the Adelaide Hills, he is well worth talking to. Remember, if retaining walls aren't done correctly, or to regulations, they will end up costing you more. Fletchers Landscaping make sure no shortcuts are taken on concrete and post hole depth, or necessary drainage.

  • Timber Sleepers

    If you're looking to build a wall, then the use of timber sleepers may be a big advantage to you. This type of build usually suits more vintage style homes with vibrant gardens. The wood compliments the plants, bark and tress in a way that concrete or boral may not. A fantastic choice for older homes, this method is one of the cheapest and provides one of the best looks that will never go out of style. There are a wide variety of different timbers to choose from and we stock on of the largest selections in the industry. If you would like to know more about this, call us today and we will be able to provide you with a free quote before you get started, and will be able to ensure we answer every question you may have. 

  • Why Choose Us For Your Next Project?

    When it comes to getting the retaining wall build that you need, Fletchers is the best in the business. We stock and install some of the best designed, built and overall amazing walls in Adelaide & the hills, and will ensure that every job completed is up to the standard you would expect from a company like ours. We want to help you every step of the way and want to make sure that you recieve the best price, as well as the best product. Call us today and we will be able to send you a free quote and provide you with any information you may need. 

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    • Fletchers landscaping are one of the best companies I have dealt with. The retaining wall that put up at my place is incredible. Tim 08/06/2019
    • i have never EVER met a more horrible man as the monster that showed up to my house and acted like it was HIS house and never showed my wife anything but lust and disrespect! DO NOT hire this company! The good review below was written by the owner! mike 02/26/2021