• Laser Tattoo Removal Seaford

  • We specialise in the best quality tattoo removal service. We use the latest technology to offer you safe, effective and painless laser tattoo removal in as little as a few sessions. The technology we use is the most trusted in the field, and our expert team is highly trained in fast, painless tattoo removal.

    We always put quality above price, and will make sure that you have the best removal of your unwanted ink by a team that you can trust because your comfort is our top priority. We grantee you’ll receive the best laser tattoo removal experience which is above and beyond any one else.

    Have ink that you can’t stand the sight of anymore? Then contact us today.

  • Laser Tattoo Removal

    Tattoos are forever right? Well no, not any more, at least they don’t have to be. If you are one of the thousands of people that have a tattoo design that you wish you didn’t, you have come to the right professionals to help you out. 

    Laser tattoo removal is extremely effective and efficient, and it is possible to remove your unwanted tattoo completely. Alternatively, you may choose to lighten your ink so you can go over it with some new and improved ink work. The entire process can take anywhere from 5 to 15 sessions, depending on how large the tattoo is and the colours used in it.

    Does it hurt though? It is relatively pain free. You can use creams to numb the area which will make it virtually pain free. You may experience a bit of pain and redness after the procedure, but this is no more pain than when you initially received the tattoo. 

  • Fading and Lightening for cover-ups

    I think we have all been there, or know someone who has. Your young, you think that fancy tattoo which was the style at the time is a good idea, but years later down the track your not 100% happy with the design or how the quality turned out. Luckily we have the experience to help. 

    We can fade and lighten your current tattoos to provide a new working space for you to upgrade it with new ink. We can fade it so you can have a whole new design, or fade and lighten certain parts so you can add new details to the existing design. If your current design is a bit faded from the years this process also help so we can re colour your tattoo to bring new vibrancy and life to a design you want to keep. 

  • How does the Process work?

    Although a tattoo looks simple, it’s actually a series of ink deposits within the skin, designed to last forever. Today it is increasingly common for people to want to remove tattoos they no longer love.

    We use a specialised machine called the Yag Q Switch Laser machine. This machine emits pulses of light onto the ink. The light energy breaks apart and shatters the tattoo ink into smaller pieces that are eventually eliminated though your bodies natural detox process. Because this machine is so precise, it can safely and cleanly remove any tattoo without causing any damage to your skin, leaving it in the same state as before you got the tattoo.