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    BedEBuys is a family owned business, established in the 90s. Today, you can find us at Parafield Airport not far from Gawler – as we continue to be an Adelaide icon. At BedEByuys, we don’t just sell beds. We sell a range of bedding supplies, factory-direct. This means there are no middlemen. Locals from Gawler, as well as all over Adelaide come to us to buy their matresses, sheets, quilts, pillows, pillowcases, beds, and bedroom suites.

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    We all know sleep is important… and good bedding helps encourage deep sleep. There are a number of health complications, which can arise from lack of sleep, including bad moods, lethargy and poor concentration. This can affect you both in the short term and the long term. If you want to have sweet dreams, here are four tips – especially to get you through the warmer months.

    1. Close the curtains
    2. Lower room temperature
    3. Invest in breathable nightwear
    4. Summer-proof your bedding.

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    When it comes to choosing the perfect pillow, no one size fits all. Using the wrong pillow for you can actually do you damage – with neck and back pain being the most common complaint.

    The best pillow for each person, and for different sleep positions changes. Which way do you sleep?

    • Side sleepers: Should have a pillow that is firm, without being too hard. Your head should be level and a soft, old pillow should be avoided as it may position the neck too low and uncomfortable.

    • Back sleepers: Are best suited to a feather pillow that is thin and supportive of the curve of the neck. The head should not be raised too far from the bed.

    • Stomach sleepers: Sleep best with thin, practically flat pillows. The pillow is actually better positioned beneath the stomach (rather than the head) to avoid lower back pain.

    • Snorers: Memory foam pillows are great for snorers as they shape the upper body and are supportive, so that obstruction of the breathing passages is reduced.

    • Pregnant women: Body pillows are highly recommended for pregnant women. These pillows support the woman’s shape and are effective at staying in position. Body pillows also provide support for backs and legs… where they need it most.

    Having the right size pillow supporting your head and neck is important. You also might like to add a second pillow for extra support. Buy your bedding in Gawler, from BedEBuys.


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