• Air Conditioning in Second Valley

  • Is your air conditioner faulty? Thinking about installing a new system before summer starts? Hire us, Sparrow Electrical. We specialise in air conditioning, electrical and construction services. Our clients tell us they enjoy our end-to-end service. Heating and cooling account for almost half of your electricity consumption. By partnering with us, we’ll help you reduce your energy usage. We’ll make sure your air conditioner doesn’t work in overdrive, which can happen if there’s an issue with your system. Call us on 0448 460 076 to organise a maintenance plan for your system. We’ll travel to Second Valley today and the surrounding areas. 

  • Choose a local heating & cooling company

    When we say we’re going to be at your house at a certain time, that’s when we arrive. We don’t want you waiting around for hours. Your time is precious and if there’s an issue with your system, fast turnarounds are critical. On a hot day when your system is playing up, you can rely on us to come to you quickly and fix it. The Sparrow vans are stocked with tools and spare parts, so we can complete repairs and maintenance on the spot. No job is too small for us. Give a Sparrow technician a call and we’ll take care of any air conditioning task. Another advantage of working with a local team is the price. We’re just around the corner, so you won’t be paying for hefty travel time fees, like many other companies charge.

  • What air conditioner size do I need?

    If you’re updating your air conditioner or building a house and deciding on a new system, talk to us. We’ll visit you to work out the best system size for your needs. Choosing a system that’s too big will just blow out your budget. While going too small might not serve its function. The wrong size can lead to higher electricity bills, inefficient energy usage, and an uncomfortable temperature. Sparrow will help you match the system to your lifestyle needs and budget. We’ll go through factors such as layout, size, and installation requirements.

    Our services are used by homeowners, renters, and businesses. Get in touch with us on 0448 460 076 and we’ll come out to your premises in Second Valley SA 5204. Our electrical license number is PGE282388.

    Let us know if there’s a particular air conditioner make and model that you prefer. We work with some of Australia’s leading brands including Fujitsu.