• Gutter Guard in Adelaide Hills

  • Gutter Guard Adelaide Hills

    With the Aqua Guard team by your side, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. We protect and guard your home, with our simple and effective design. It will solve all of your gutter problems. No more leaves or pests. Improve the water quality. It’s bushfire and storm safe. The Adelaide Hills in South Australia, while stunning in every season, houses in the area typically battle with overflowing gutters. Stirling, Crafters, Aldgate, Hahndorf, and Mount Barker have a lot of trees. The Adelaide Hills are also prone to bushfires and storms. Gutter Guard is perfect for these homes. If you’d like us to arrange a free quote, call 1300 997 619 today.  

  • No leaves in your gutters

    The safety and security of your home is a priority for us. Don’t let your gutters get out of control, or forget about preparing your home for fire and storm seasons. Choose our award-winning gutter guard design. With Aqua Guard, you’ll never have to get up on the roof again. Take advantage of our complete gutter protection and maintenance program. 

    Here are a few reasons to choose Aqua Guard:

    • Fire protection for your home
    • Keeps captured rainwater clean
    • Increased water flow in your gutters – no build-up and no rust
    • No overflow into your ceilings or eves, avoiding the risk of water and electrical damage
    • Do away with blocked down pipes
    • Maintains or adds value to your home
    • Protection against birds and pests entering your roof and causing damage
    • Ideal protection for newly built homes
    • Optional maintenance program. 
  • Roof restoration

    If your roof is beyond repair, we’ll restore it. Use an award-winning gutter guard solution to re-roof your home. You can choose from a range of materials that match your home – all made for the South Australian climate. 

  • Roller shutters

    Roller shutters are another way to add a layer of safety to your home. Shutters help to reduce up to 90% of heat during summer and retains up to 70% of heat in winter. Keep your furniture looking great too, as our shutters protect against harmful UV rays. 

  • Outdoor blinds

    We have a wide range of outdoor blinds and shades to add a touch of style to your home. Our blinds are designed to withstand harsh weather, as well as deter unwanted guests. Save money on your power bill too, as they keep your house temperature comfortable.

    Get a quote for your Adelaide Hills home. Call 1300 997 619 today.