• Air Conditioning near Broadview

    Have you been cooling your rooms and home with inefficient fans for as long as you can remember? Does your home feel like the desert during summer? Then it may be the best time to have a quality cooling and heating unit installed in your home or business. We have the skills and knowledge to be able to help you pick the perfect system for you needs and ensure that it provides the maximum level of comfort for you and your family. We only use and stock the best types of conditioning such as we specialise in everything from split systems, ducted heating and cooling, reverse cycle and even evaporator systems. We can also service and repair any type of cooling system you may have and have a fleet of technicians on call 24/7
    If you’re in and around Broadview (5083) and want to find the best cooling and heating specialist near you, call us today and speak to our amazing team and get the cooling and heating product that you have always wanted in your residential home or commercial business.

  • Split Systems / Ducted Heating & Cooling

    When it comes to buying and installing a cooling and heating unit in your home or office, it can sometimes be overwhelming in knowing which ones are the best. While there are many different types of bands and styles, the industry standard when it comes to efficiently cooling your entire home or office is either split systems or ducted systems. These options will provide cool and warm temperatures to every room that you have them installed into and will work quietly and efficiently. They’re also incredible easy to install and repair making them a great investment for your financial savings. We stock one of the largest supplies of split and ducted heating and cooling brands and will ensure that they are installed and running to the highest standard all year round.

  • Brands of A/C we service

    Not many people think of having their heating and cooling unit serviced like they do their cars, but regular servicing will ensure that the system is running perfectly and to its maximum potential. We recommend having your system serviced and looked over at least every 12 months to avoid any breakdowns that could cost you big $$$ if not prevented. If you own a split system, reverse cycle, ducted, evaporative or wall split, we can have it serviced or repaired in the quickest possible time. Any brand or model such as Fujitsu, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi and LG and a wide host of others can be repaired and fixed by us, no job is too big or to small for us to handle.

  • Become a Priority Member

    Do you own a business? Then it is beneficial to become a priority member through us. If you have a number of heating and cooling units on your premises, this service will have us come to the building once a year and conduct a thorough service, maintenance and check of your entire system. We look over everything such as the vents, air filter and how it is operating and will service and make sure that it is running to its highest potential all year round. This could save you tremendous amounts of money in the long run as it will prevent any damage or break down occurring in the future.

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