• Pool and Spa Maintenance Seaford

    For personalised service and expert advice, Coolwater are leaders in the industry for all your spa and pool needs. Owner and operator, Simon Baraniec has been maintaining pools and spas in Seaford and the southern suburbs for nearly two decades, and he is dedicated to providing the best service and solutions for his clients.
    If you’re looking for pool and spa maintenance from a local, who will provide excellent work at affordable prices, Coolwater are for you.

  • Pool Automation

    For automation of your pool and spa, speak to Simon about what is best for you. There’s no doubt that automation takes the hard work out of owning your own pool, so why not have Coolwater install a system for you? Then you can relax, knowing your pool and spa are hygienic, safe and clean, and get on with enjoying your outdoor or indoor water area.
    Automate all work-intensive functions, like sanitization, balancing pH, cleaning and filtration. Coolwater can do it all for you.

  • Spa Heating

    Why should you wait until the summer months to use your indoor or outdoor pool? Let Simon from Coolwater install some heating in your fresh water or salt water pool. You can choose from electric, gas or solar heating so you can use your pool all year round.
    While you’re at it, have Coolwater install some lighting for you so you can use the pool at any time of day! Simon will discuss the best options for you. Lights can improve the appearance of your pool, but can also improve the safety of the area for you and your family.

  • Mobile Pool Cleaners

    Although Coolwater is conveniently located in the southern suburbs, near Seaford, Simon offers a fully mobile service for cleaning and maintenance. Why wait? Give him a call today so he can come and make sure your pool and spa are working to the best of their ability.
    Simon offers inspections, testing, water balance, water analysis and pressure testing, to ensure your pool and spa is clean, safe and functional.

  • Why choose Coolwater for your pool and spa cleaning?

    For pool pumps, chlorinators and robotic clearance, Coolwater are the company in the know. They can install or remove your spa, and repair rust, cracks and leaks. Chat to a man with over 15 years in the business. He will offer genuine advice and maintenance at affordable prices. Give him a call today. He’s just around the corner!