• Resurfacing in Happy Valley


    Are you based in Happy Valley, but not happy with the state of your kitchen? Resurfacing Adelaide can help. At Resurfacing Adelaide we offer comprehensive overhauls of kitchens for prices that put renovation companies to shame. If you’re looking to revamp the look of your kitchen and your needs are only cosmetic, we can apply new laminates and veneers to your cabinets, splashbacks, benchtops, frames and doors to take your kitchen to the next level, and increase the resell value of your property. Mix and match your kitchen with our endless range of colors, textures and styles. Call us at 0412 385 82 for a FREE quote. 


    The modern bathroom is a place where you can find tranquility. And as people spend more time in their bathrooms, they start finding faults that they wouldn’t otherwise notice. If you have a new image in mind for your bathroom, we can help you fulfill it at Resurfacing Adelaide. At Resurfacing Adelaide we can resurface your tiles, vanities and recoat grout to give your bathroom the exact feel you’re looking for, for the kind of price you’d be glad to pay. Our services are fast and effective, which means your bathroom will be back in use before you know it. At Resurfacing Adelaide, we take pride in resurfacing Happy Valley’s bathrooms. 


    Resurfacing is a cheaper, more convenient alternative to renovation because it is a shorter and less complicated process. Rather than having to gut an entire room and have it refitted, with resurfacing we work with the pieces you already add and simply add a new surface to them. It is a process that takes far fewer steps, less time, and therefore is cheaper to conduct. Rather than having to wait weeks and even months for your kitchen or bathroom to be renovated, you can have it resurfaced within 48 hours. Resurfacing is the best solution if your overhaul needs are only cosmetic and if there is no structural problem with your room and the amenities therein. You can save up to 70% on the costs of renovation if you choose resurfacing, which is handy seeing as renovation can cost upwards of $20,000 per room. So if you’re looking for the best, cheapest, and most convenient alternative to renovation, look no further than Resurfacing Adelaide. 


    There are many reasons to choose Resurfacing Adelaide to resurface your Happy Valley happy home, but it all really comes down to customer satisfaction, value for money, experience, results and safety. At Resurfacing Adelaide, we put the satisfaction of our customer first. So when we work for you, we work WITH you to make sure your vision is achieved. Our experience, workmanship and can-do attitude ensures results that would make even the most discerning home owner glad to be one of our clients. We’ve built a reputation for our work, and we are always looking to showcase our skill. We use only the safest chemicals in your home, including chemicals that are low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which means any room work operate in is safe to enter merely a few hours after we’ve been in there. We offer guarantees on all of our services, and FREE quotes for everything we do. So why not give us a call at 0412 385 82 to see what we can do for you?