• Car Servicing

    If you're looking for a top quality Glenelg mechanic, to service your car then click on the phone number above to speak with your local automotive expert, Madaz Mechanical.
    These automotive service technicians are the best in the business, trained under special guidelines, and with an emphasis on product knowledge and customer service. The experience of our car mechanic team is combined to over 40 years as automotive mechanic professionals.

  • Mechanics Glenelg

    Quality mechanics are hard to come by. At Madaz mechanics Glenelg, they pride themselves on the best practices, the best business ethics and honest customer service. They will always try their best to keep costs to a minimum whilst still using reliable parts, but can offer the option of new or reconditioned parts to try and save their customers money.
    If any unforeseen problems occur throughout the car servicing, the mechanics will contact you to explain what they have encountered, and if you authorise any extra charges. This avoids any unforseen billing issues and eliminates surprises.
    Thankfully with decades of combined experience as highly qualified mechanics, most problems they encounter will be nothing new. This means that a quick and reliable solution can be expected from the expert team of car mechanics in Glenelg.

  • Wheel Alignment

    As well as general car maintenance, wheel alignment, tyre rotation / tyre balance, brake checks, oil changes and other safety checks and measures are undertaken by the team of mechanics in Holdfast Bay.
    So if you live in surrounding suburbs within Holdfast Bay, let a local mechanic take care of your car servicing requirements.

  • What does Madaz mechanic do?

    They do so much more than just a car service and check up. Mechanics will assess the vehicles hardware, the condition of the tyres, the engine, all parts of the car, and also the software, including the car's electronics.

    Basically if your vehicle needs any inspection or safety maintenance, a qualified mechanic will assess it and take the necessary steps to repair or replace the parts that need fixing. This will involve test driving it just to make sure that everything is in correct working order on your vehicle.

  • Find local mechanics near me

    There's a saying that you should always trust a local. None is more true than with mechanics Glenelg. Reputation is everything in this often tainted industry, and those local businesses that have stood the test of time have done so through top shelf customer service and honesty and integrity. Through this, the top operators have built up a great number of return customers and also good word of mouth. The fact that this company has stood the test of time is a testament to how well they have served the locals in the Western region and their automobiles.

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    • Darren Serviced my Holden Ute. He broke down the costs and saved me a lot of money. Michael Chunys 03/14/2016
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