• Stump Removal Adelaide

    When you need remnants of a tree removed in a precise and efficient manner, contact the stump removal specialists. Fully licensed and insured to carry out removal of your tree, we pride ourselves on quality, reliable service at an affordable price. We can remove, grind and take away any in ground stump you may have at your home or office building, and will leave your lawn looking smooth and brand new. Contact us today and we will be able to provide you with an affordable quote before you get started. 

  • Great Prices on Stump Grinding

    Whilst we do consider ourselves the market leader when it comes to competitive pricing, every job may vary. The size and depth aren't just the two main variables, but also the type of tree can make a difference to how long the job takes, due to the density of the wood.
    In most cases we can give a rough quote over the phone, based on your measurements and description. But as every site and every job requirement is different, we prefer to come out and take a look at it to give you the most accurate assessment.

  • Tree Stump removal

    Tree stump removal comes in a couple of formats. If it has shallow roots and the soil is reasonably soft, an attempt can be made to pull it out. In regional areas, it is not uncommon to dig underneath and use small explosives to dislodge the part above the soil's surface.

    However, the most common method, and the one we usually employ, is to stump grinding down to below ground level. This can be covered over with soil and will eventually soften and break down.

    Stump grinders are complicated (and noisy) pieces of machinery, and we recommend contacting a licensed and insured expert stump grinder Adelaide.

  • More useful information

    Some varieties of tree require poisoning before we can correctly remove the remnants. This is to prevent regrowth. Whilst a small additional charge may apply, we believe in doing the job in the correct fashion to achieve the best outcome for our customers.