• Laser Tattoo Removal Mile End

  • At our tattoo removal business, we like to think of ourselves as skin specialists. We can do both new tattoos and removals. A team of artists, it’s our hope that you love our tattoo for life, but we know that’s not always possible. We help hundreds of South Australians remove (or fade) old tattoos. Our process is safe and efficient. And while all tattoos are different, on average it takes 5-15 sessions to achieve the desired result. This is normally over a course of six weeks. RevLite SI Q-Switch Nd-YAG is the magic, which we do our magic on.

  • Professional tattoo removal

    We recommend at least six weeks worth of our laser sessions to remove your old tattoo. It can take up to 15 treatments, depending on the individual tattoo. For a specific quote, contact us because we judge our services on price and complexity. We use our RevLite laser to provide the most advanced technology to fade the tattoo, to return the skin to its natural colour. No matter what colour the tattoo has in it, we can lighten it or completely remove it. Got a mate who also has a tattoo that they don’t love anymore? Come in together and you will receive $50 off. Ask us about our other deals. 

  • Fade & lighten your tattoo

    Would you like to lighten your tattoo, but not completely remove it? We can work out a treatment plan to find the perfect balance. Using PhotoAcoustic Technology, we’ll safely penetrate the skin and target the ink colour with specific wavelengths. Over the course of the treatments, the tattoo starts to fade. 

  • Want a tattoo? Get us to design it

    Always had that tattoo design in mind but never found the right place or time to get it? We’ve worked with hundreds of people, designing and applying the tattoo. Marking your body is always a big deal, so we make sure you’re 100% comfortable. We’d love for you to check out our Facebook, Instagram and portfolio on our website to see our past work.