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    If you are looking for a quality home painter in Stepney, SA, then look no further. Ricki is a highly experienced operator, servicing Stepney and the surrounding areas of Adelaide. Call Adelaide Painting Services and ask Ricki for a free quote on painting your home.

    Read on to get some great tips on hiring the best painter and decorator in Stepney.

    Stepney is a beautiful suburb of Adelaide with some amazing homes. So the renovation potential is huge if you select the right painter and decorater Stepney to conduct the base preparation and paint work.


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    Ricki is a high quality house painter and decorator in Stepney.

    Through Ricki's business, Adelaide Painting Services, Ricki has painted hundreds of homes in South Australia. Ricki specialises in interior painting, exterior painting, new home painting and any renovation work. He is a highly experienced painter and decorator with many years of experience.

    If you are after a high quality painter and decorator in Stepney who won't take shortcuts, then contact Ricki today.

  • tips for painting your home for profit

    If you are renovating your Stepney home to put back on the market, then you'll be aware it's the final finishes that make all the difference. Hiring a quality painter and decorator will guarantee that there are no unsightly painting imperfections which could cause potential buyers to question the integrity of the entire renovation.
    In light of just how important hiring a good painting contractor in Stepney is, here are my three top tips for painting your house.

    Tip 1: Get three painting quotes. Painters and decorators are not all equal, and as such they never charge equal amounts. If you are fixing up a house to make money, then you need to keep a close eye on how much your painter will cost. There are a few factors that influence what a painter will charge, they aren't as transparent as what you may think.
    If a painter has a busy workload, they are more likely to overquote than a painting contractor who is hungry for more work. The size of their gang is also a factor, as is the experience of the team. More experienced painters are going to charge more, but can still use apprentices to lower costs for less skillful components of your work.
    Tip 2: Question the price quote differences. The first tip was about keeping costs down. This one sort of relates, in the fact that whilst you want to keep an eye closely on the cost of painting your home, you want to choose the best value contractor. This may not always be the cheapest. Ask why the quote cost what it did. Some contractors use Dulux paints, some use Taubmans. Some may tell you that this job requires three coats of paint to do properly, others might say it only needs two coats of paint. Some may notice some patching and base preparation that needs to be done, while others might just paint over it. It's important to get good value from your painting contractor.
    Tip 3: Compare Quality: So you've got price and value covered, now you want to determine if your painting contractor will provide a high level paint job. There's no foolproof way to do this, other than to check their experience, licenses and past work. If they are experienced and still in business, it's safe to assume they are reliable. But never assume anything 100%. Ask if they have websites, listings and photos of their past jobs.

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    So if you are painting your home for profit or for enjoyment, make sure you do contact Ricki for a free quote. Ricki not only services the Stepney area, but the entire metropolitan region.

    For an honest hard working, high quality painter, you won't be disappointed with Ricki and his handiwork.