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  • Tree Bracing Adelaide

    Tree Consultants.com.au Guy O'Donnell can provide affordable tree bracing through cable bracing to provide support to co-dominant stems and avoid potentially dangerous branch failure.

  • Is Cable and Rod Bracing major?

    In terms of importance for the health of the tree and the safety of any objects, structures or people below, then cable bracing is important. But as far as major arborist work goes, it is not major nor detrimental to the tree. Modern bracing can avoid injuring the tree, and with the right installer with top of the range products, you will have a better and safer system.

  • Why is cable bracing important?

    Often certain trees that branch out near the base have what are referred to by arborists as the co-dominant stems. In certain species there can be multiple stems. These multiple trunks grow almost as large as the main branches, but due to the angle of growth, they are often susceptible to breakage. This can be caused by the weight of the branch being too much to support, or heavy winds.

    It is important to use cable bracing not only for the health and aesthetics of the tree, but to keep it intact to avoid damage to neighboring people and property.
    As a specialised arborist with over 20 years in this field Guy O'Donnell of Tree Consultants.Com.Au Adelaide, is an expert in the best systems and techniques to protect the tree and avoid weakening the stem. Inferior products can choke the tree with future growth, this is why it's important to deal with an industry expert with experience.