• Laser Tattoo Removal Norwood

  • More than 27% of Australians who have tattoos have at least one tattoo they regret according to McCrindle societal researchers. And the reasons for regret are varied and many.  Maybe the tattoo was the name of a former lover, has dated badly with time, or perhaps the tattoo no longer holds the meaning it once had. Until recently, there weren’t any safe, reliable methods to remove tattoos. Luckily there is now a business that is situated almost on your doorstep that understands skin, understands tattoos, and can remove yours safely and effectively. 


    We also understands that you may not want to completely remove your tattoo. You may want to simply transform the tattoo based on some of the existing pieces that are already there. This is where tattoo fading comes into play. In just 3-5 sessions with us, we can fade your tattoo enough that an outline is still visible, and that can form the basis of the design you choose to replace it with. Our experienced artists and technicians understand how to treat different types of skin and the reaction of certain colors of ink to our laser removal methods, so we’ll be able to talk you through the entire process. 


    The RevLite SI is the most advanced laser tattoo removal utility on the market. It offers our clients a safe, quick, and effective treatment by delivering light energy just below the surface of the skin which breaks apart the ink deposits and causes them to dissipate through the natural processes of the body. The RevLite SI has been scientifically tested against all types of skin, with over 50 peer reviewed papers deeming it completely safe for all users. Treatments with the RevLite SI cause only minimal discomfort, and the sensation is often compared to having a rubber band snapped onto your skin followed by a warm sensation. An entire tattoo can be completely removed within 5-15 treatments  with sessions spaced out six weeks apart to ensure the full recovery of the skin for the best possible result. The treatments are quick, efficient and cost-effective as each treatment with the RevLite SI only takes approximately 60 seconds. The minimum fee for each treatment is $enquire within