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  • Wood Heaters Adelaide

    There is nothing like the crackling and the ambience of a fire created by wood heaters. With the cold winters in Adelaide, and householders looking for creative ways to set a mood in their homes, wood heating units are back in vogue.

    Modern units are affordable, low maintenance and have a practical application. In fact, you can control the rate at which the timber burns and ultimately the amount of heat through adjustable intake valves in most of the units.


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  • Makes and Models

    There are hundreds of makes and models of wood heaters in Adelaide at our showroom. Depending on your budget, and also your requirements, there is a wood heater that will be perfect for your home.

    Whilst all essentially perform the same role of heating your home, and providing the spectacle and comfort of watching a real wood fire burning, many have different mounting positions, sizes and styles. There are some make alike arrow, who provide inbuilt and free standing "pedestal" wood heaters, each in various sizes and pricing options.

    Therefore every size house can be accommodated and there are styles to suit every type of interior decor.
    Some of the popular makes we recommend and supply include, metrofires, masport heating, Jindara, and Morso, just to name a few.

  • After Sales Support

    Once you've chosen your new fire, you'll need a flue and most likely installation. At MBLC, we supply a wide array of flues to match in with your specific choice of wood heater. We can offer advice on whether you choose a standard flue or require a kit.

    This may vary depending on the positioning of your fireplace and the best path to an external ventilation point for the chimney.

    We can help with the liaising of fireplace and flue installation through one of our licensed and recommended contractors. They will guarantee that installation complies with Australian regulations and standards.

  • Wood Heater Standards of Australia

    When buying a solid heater for wood burning or fuel, it is important to unsure that it comes complete with a compliance certificate. This will ensure it is compliant to Australian Standard AS/NZS 40133:1999 pertaining to smoke emissions.

    We all have the right to breathe clean air and feel protected from pollutants, and it is these industry standards that have been put together to improve and protect air quality in built up urban areas.

    It is estimated by the EPA, (Environmental Protection Authority) that solid fuel and wood heaters contribute to around 40% of air particle pollution in winter. Therefore there are many government guidelines aligned with industry standards that have been drawn up to provide a practical solution to help reduce smoke emissions from home smoke heaters.

    Through correct maintenance, selecting the correct wood fuel, and maintaining an efficient fire for optimum heating, emissions can be reduced.
    Always select a licensed and qualified installer, as correct installation can play a big part in reducing air pollution.

  • Installing Your Heater

    Every wood heater needs to be installed by a licensed installer and in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2918. The build should also comply with the manufacturers instructions and building codes. Most local councils will need to grant you permission and you may need approval. It is important to contact your local council to check for any permits, restrictions or approvals needed.

    When it comes to home insurance, two components are important. The first is the duty of disclosure that is often hidden in the fine print. This means you must let your insurer know that a new wood heater is being built into your home. Failure to disclose this information may void your home insurance.

    The second piece of information relating to insurance is to ensure that the installation is signed off by a qualified person. This is not just for the insurance companies, but great for your own peace of mind that everything is properly installed by a licensed professional.

  • Benefits of Slow Combustion Wood Burning Stoves

    As the name suggests, slow combustion wood heaters create the right environment of oxygen to ensure the wood burns slowly. Of course using the best hardwoods like seasoned red gum will help with this process as they are naturally slow burning and offer a lot of heat output for a minimal smoke when compared to other woods.

    All our fireplaces are designed to comply with strict Australian standards. Many of these tests revolve around efficiency. Therefore it is more efficient to heat your home than ever before with the design and materials used in the modern combustion heaters.

    You will save money on your electricity bill, as heating your home electrically is one of the least efficient ways to warm up. With the high price of energy in South Australia you will be far better off with one of our Morso, Masport or Jindara, metrofires, Thermalux or Arrow slow combustion wood stoves.

  • Wood heaters Adelaide Prices

    While all our items come in a freestanding (pedestal) or built in range, there are various price points throughout the ranges and brands. The lowest price in our range is $1,550 with pricing increasing right up to the stunning designed Morso slow combustion wood heater at $4,850. Most are priced in the $2,000's and represent great buying value for the astute purchaser.

    We have the "Wee Rad" model in the MetroFires range for only $1,550. Whilst compact and affordable the quality is the same high level you would expect across all their range, and this little unit packs a punch when it comes to kicking out hot air.

    It also has a cooking top for those who need to cook and heat up their meals, and a clear front so you can enjoy watching the glowing coals and flames.

    Most of the makes and models stocked are in the $2,000 range. In this price point we have over 15 different styles for you to choose from, each with their subtle differences. You are sure to find something to suit your requirements in the $2,000 to $3,000 price point with our huge selection spread across 6 manufacturers.

    For those at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, the European Morso range has three differing designs in the $4,000's. The highest of these being $4,850.