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    Home loans don’t have to be confusing. They shouldn’t be. But often, a lot of the marketing out there makes it all a little too difficult to grasp. You just need a specialist home loan team to unclutter the jargon for you.

    There are many companies, mortgage brokers and financial institutions available to help you through the process, but very few can cater to your specific needs. At Advantage Finance, our goal is to not only get you on the best loan, but for you to actually enjoy the experience too. If you live in Para Hills (5096), call Advantage Finance’s Managing Director Grant Renshaw. Grant's Australian Credit License number is 384510.

    Mortgage Brokers

    Your mortgage broker does more than you think. They are the middleman between you and your lender – your bank. And while a mortgage broker isn’t always necessary, they’re worth the investment. Our job is to help you apply for finance and see the loan settlement through. We also survey the market on your behalf, looking for the very best deal for you. So, you’re probably actually saving money using a broker.

    About Advantage Finance

    Since 2005, the Advantage Finance team has helped thousands of South Australians get into their first home and build their wealth. In order to pick the right loan, you have to be aware of your options, as well as what you stand to gain from each of the features a bank offers. At Advantage, we cater to your entirehome financing needs. With our over 30 partners, you have an advantage over other borrowers on the market. Our partners include some big names in lending, including ING, Adelaide Bank, Citi Bank, and Homeloans Limited. You’re in good hands, with us.

    Consolidate your debt 

    Loans don’tautomatically translate to mean debt. There’s of course, good debt and bad debt. Taking out finance on a house – something that grows in value, not depreciates – is good debt. You can easily manage how much you borrow and how you pay it back… and we’ll help you do this.

    The problem some people have with loans though, is that they find themselves paying the fees and interest – without making a dent in their loan payment. Home buyers often hear the words ‘debt’, but not so often with ‘consolidation’. Debt consolidation simply means rolling all your other debts and payments into your home loan and mortgage repayment. This can reduce the amount you pay each month. And since home loan interest rates are normally lower than that of cars, credit cards and other personal loans, you save even more money. Consolidating is something worth thinking about.