• Roller Shutters McLaren Vale

  • Roller Shutters McLaren Vale 

    Our roller shutters are a great way to reduce heat in summer and keep cold out during winter. It doesn’t matter what season it is, your home will remain comfortable all year. Unlike internal drapes and blinds, Focus roller shutters will safeguard your home, and your power bill. They also add an extra layer of security and privacy. All of our window roller shutters come with a 12-month warranty on parts and installation. Our aluminium profiles have a five-year warranty. Contact us today on 1800 617 717 to arrange a free measure and quote for your McLaren Vale SA 5171 home. 

  • Sun protection

    Do you cover your windows with curtains and blinds, from inside your home? It’s what most of us do. But this doesn’t protection your windows from the outside, where they need to be protected. This won’t stop heat coming into your house during summer, and escaping in winter. With window roller shutters, the sun makes contact with the shutter, not the window. This means the heat doesn’t transfer as much as it would it was hitting the glass, making your house hot. As a result, you’ll save money on your electricity bill. 

  • About Focus Home Improvements

    We’ve been installing roller shutters for over 35 years. In this time, we’ve honed our products and processes to be the best in the business. Invest in the team who invests in themselves, Focus. Think of us as your complete home improvement company.

    While we specialise in window roller shutters, we can also help you with:

    • Roof restorations
    • Focus lawn
    • Re-roof gutters
    • Every season gutter guard
    • Solar
    • ZEN patio retractable roof system
    • Folding arm awnings
    • Lifestyle roller screens. 
  • Focus lawn

    Don’t bother with fake-looking grass. You’ll know it’s artificial and so will other people. In our 35 years of business, we’ve supplied high quality grass to over 38,000 customers. Our lawn is made up of straight glass blades in four different shades of green and a semi-dried brown thatching. It looks and feels real, at 35mm high.

    Quality, affordable home improvements. If you’re on the hunt for a company who can improve the look of your home, your investment, let’s chat.

    Call us today on 1800 617 717 to arrange a free measure and quote for your McLaren Vale SA 5171 home. We’re looking forward to meeting you.