• Laser Tattoo Removal Henley Beach

  • Get your tattoo removed with our laser removal service. We’re a team of artists and technicians, focusing on results, not profit. We work collaboratively to get rid of unwanted tattoos. Using the latest in industry equipment, the RevLite SI Q-Switch Nd-YAG, we slowly fade your tattoo. It happens gradually over a course of approximately six weeks. It takes a professional team to understand skin and know what it takes for tattoos to be erased or enhanced. Come and visit us, the Tattoo Removal Co. We’re based at 233 Henley Beach Road Torrensville, so not far from Henley Beach SA 5022. Come by Monday to Saturday, 10.00am-6.00pm. Fill out the contact form or call us on 0431 756 944. 

  • Say goodbye to that tattoo

    Gone are the days where removing tattoos is a long, painful process. New technology has improved the safety and efficiency, to remove even the most stubborn of tattoos. Anywhere between 5-15 sessions, we’ll be able to remove that tattoo you got when you were drunk, or you’ve simply outgrown. If you’re worried about it hurting, don’t be. Sure, it might be a little uncomfortable, but we can give you a cream to help. 

  • RevLite SI Q-Switch Nd-YAG

    Our laser does everything from fading to complete removals. With the Smart Infinite handpiece, it can provide continuous 0.1 mm micro adjustments in spot size. This lets us easily select the largest spot size with the highest fluence for quicker, effective treatments. Our equipment is the most advanced system for removing tattoos, both black and multi-coloured. Unlike most lasers with two wavelengths, the RevLite has four to hone in one a wide range of colours – black, blue, red, orange, purple, and many other colours. 

  • Talk to our tattoo artists

    Thinking of getting a tattoo? Got the design and location sorted? Now all you need is an artist. At the Tattoo Removal Co, we also design new tattoos. We’re skin experts, so we don’t just do removals and lightening. We love a good quality tattoo and done right, can last a lifetime. Our clinic follows strict health and safety practices, so you never have to worry about cleanliness with us. Let’s bring your vision to life and on your body.

    Henley Beach is one of the suburbs surrounding our studio. Feel free to drop by or call us on 0431 756 944.