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    The electrical system throughout your house is like the nervous system of your body… and sometimes, you need a specialist to make sure everything’s working ok. Our electricians know everything there is to know about electricity, so you’re not putting the safety of your family into just anyone’s hands. We don’t cut corners. Instead, we deliver the best possible service – from initial enquiry, to project sign-off. Clovelly Park (5042, SA) is one of Adelaide’s hottest suburbs. Want to know if you’re paying more than you need to in electricity? Call us today

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    We are the right choice for anyone looking for electrical work in Adelaide – domestic or commercial. But don’t just take our word for it. Our entire business was built on word of mouth, so you only have to ask around to learn about us. We provide in-depth evaluations, excellent customer service, and ongoing electrical support… allat an affordable price to keepmore money in your pocket. Our trained team of electricians cater to your individual needs – whether you live in a house, townhouse, unit or apartment building.

    Live in an old house? It might be time to rewire.

    Rewiring can be especially good for old building and houses, featuring an out-dated electrical system. To update your electrics, however, you will need a team of highly skilled electricians who can rewire without causing any damage to the structure of the house. we take special care to ensure that your rewiring is performed safely. The exact cost of rewiring your old home will depend on:

    • The size and age of your house
    • The ease with which we can access old wiring
    • The quirks that we find in the home

    Detect a fire, before it happens…

    It’s your home, so it’s important that you feel safe in it. Installing a smoke detector is one of the best ways to up the security. You can never predict a fire in your home, but a detector will. Let us install a detector in your house, warehouse, and office… or just about anywhere else you want. Many people take smoke detectors for granted and some see them as a nuisance, but if you have one installed properly, it can be the different between life and death. Don’t delay anything that will keep you safe. You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve got a smoke alarm inside your home.