• Kitchen Renovations in Lockleys

  • Accolade Joinery

    Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you make your morning coffee. Where your family congregates. Where you entertain your guests. Your kitchen is one of the liveliest places. And of course, who doesn’t love their food. We all know a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Accolade Joinery knows how important your kitchen is to you and to the liveliness of your home. It’s why we give each and every one of you a personalised service.

    From tiling your benchtop to custom making your cabinets, there’s no job too big or too small for us. We’ll keep with your current design, unless you don’t like it – then we’ll start from scratch. For a free quote on any sized job, call 0416 205 946. Mention this page and you get 10% off cabinetry. You’ll enjoy dealing with one person, from start to finish. Get Accolade Joinery to come out to your Lockleys (5032, SA) home.

    About Accolade Joinery

    We’ve been doing this since 1982… and with our dozens of years of experience, we knowhow to bring your kitchen to life. We can help you create your own unique style, as you remodel any area of your house. Our custom designs and personalised cabinetry give your home aspecial touch that reflects your personality and individuality. Our fabulous designs cannot be found anywhere else. Why? Because we create them from scratch, just for you. But we don’t just do kitchen remodels. Talk to us about things like display cabinets and entertainment units as well.

    Renovate your bathroom

    If your bathroom is small, cramped and doesn’t suit your current lifestyle or everyday needs, it’s definitely due for a remodel. With our bathroom renovation services, we can help with your sink cabinetry, shelves for your personal belongings and wall fixtures. All the things that will maximise the space of your bathroom – letting you move around freely and enjoy the space.

    Why invest in a custom furniture maker

    If you like standing out from the crowd and retail store furniture just doesn’t do much for you, invest in a custom furniture maker, like Accolade Joinery. We make every piece from scratch, following the designs we develop with you to make sure that all your needs are met. Forget trying to find that perfect piece of furniture – let us create it.
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