• Kitchen Renovations Modbury

    Free 3D design service, the latest storage in storage solutions, new colours and finishes, innovative technology, and a 10-year guarantee. These are the sorts of things you can look forward to working with us, Benchmark Interior Joinery. We’re your one-stop-shop for new kitchen installations. We also help you improve other rooms, by creating wardrobes, bookcases, offices, bathroom vanities, and laundries. Don’t go another year with a kitchen you’re not in love with.

  • New Laundry

    Sick of trying to avoid your laundry because it’s so old? Doing your washing is something that’s not going to go away, but we can improve the room you do it in. You can look forward to actually enjoying doing your laundry because you’re proud of your new space. Build it the way you want, so it works for you. We’ll help you maximise the space you have in your laundry, with thoughtful planning and design.