• Gutter Guard Happy Valley

    Join hundreds of South Australians in Happy Valley and benefit from our award-winning gutter guard system.

    We believe that protecting your home is a priority. South Australia does experience extreme weather, so it’s important to keep on top of your roofs – but not literally. That’s what gutter guard are here for.

    Our Aquaguard design is made prevent blocked, saggy gutters, and capture your water quickly and efficiently. Save 20% today by organising your free quote in Happy Valley with Aquaguard.


  • About Aquaguard Australia

    In South Australia, we are exposed to extreme temperatures. This is the reason why we’ve created custom solutions that works for South Australian homes. At Aquaguard, we have developed a range of products, like our gutter guards, to offer the best protection for roofs and gutters.

    Working with us, you can look forward to:

    • The highest CSIRO flammability index rating and fire resistance
    • High-grade aluminum that will not rust
    • UV resistance
    • Anti-corrosion properties (suitable for coastal and marine exposure).


  • Block Leaves and keep Gutters Safe

    Removing leaves from your gutters is important. If you don’t do it, it may result in the following:

    • Water damage via the gutters and valleys
    • Overflowing gutters causing damage to foundations
    • Staining to the exterior walls and mossy pathways
    • Premature rusting of gutters – they will last 2-3 times longer with gutter guard installed
    • Breeding of mosquitoes because water pools in gutters is reduced
    • Water contamination in water tanks through leaf and debris breakdown and bird/vermin droppings
    • Bushfire hazard
    • Ladder accidents, if you’re always on the roof.

  • Additional Services

    For those of you that feel you roof is simply beyond repair, we can help. We also provide other services, including re-roofing, heat reflective roof coating and roller shutters.

    If you roof has seen better days then re-roofing is a great option that will add value to your home and ensure that your biggest asset, your home, is secure from the damage the elements can cause.

    If you're looking to re-roof your home, take advantage of adding in gutter guards to your gutters to ensure that you don't have to ever:

    • Clean your gutters again
    • Be concerned that your home isn't storm or fire safe
    • Worry about birds or vermin getting into your gutters
    • Question the quality of your tank water.

    How cool would that be? We can take care of absolutely everything roof-related for you. No more setting up that ladder and risking injuries.


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