• Property Management in Morphett Vale

  • Are you looking for a manager for your Morphett Vale residence? Adelaide South is a name to remember, and the number one firm for property management in the area. Professional and impeccable in all their dealings with both landlords and tenants. They understand that you are putting your most important investment in their hands and they look after it like it was their own. Management is about relationships, and the establishment of clear ground rules that makes for successful relationships with Landlords and Tenants. Adelaide South Property will find you a good tenant for your investment property and they will monitor the tenant throughout their tenancy with scheduled inspections and follow up of all maintenance issues. They have a team of long standing trades companies of all descriptions that you will be hard pressed to beat on price and reliability.

  • Landlords

    Adelaide South can help you attract the right kind of tenant for your Morphett Vale property. Their highly professional managers can advise you on how to best present your property and then vet applications to successfully choose the best available tenant. In the right circumstances the landlord/tenant relationship could last for many fruitful years, so it is important to get it right at the outset. Balancing that initial vacancy period versus rushing into things can make the difference between months and years of harmonious tenancy and the alternative resultant struggle with a bad tenant. Adelaide South have the experience and systems in place to alleviate that risk and deliver the return on your investment you want.

  • Tenants

    “A good home will attract good people.” This has been the case for the hundreds of owners that Adelaide South has helped to find good tenants and manage their properties on their behalf. Establishing standards at the outset sets the ground rules for tenants to meet throughout their tenancy periods. Regular inspections by your property manager ensures that your asset remains in tip top shape. Rental arrears are not tolerated and constitute a breach of the lease. Adelaide South have industry best figures when it comes to ‘on time’ rental income. This success is built on excellent communication between all parties throughout the leasehold period.

  • Selling During a Lease

    Owners can sell their properties at any time. The lease remains intact with the new owner, unless a negotiated release is agreed upon with the tenant. You are welcome to sell your Morphett Vale property through the sales department. Their experience in all these matters ensures the successful outcome that you desire and it is often the relationship they have built up with your tenant that will make the difference with negotiated access and a happy result for all.