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    If you’re looking for a local electrician who is qualified, experienced, professional, and has the safety of his customers at the heart of his business, we ares the electrician in Gawler you’ve been searching for.

    For domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations and repairs, as well as air conditioning service, repairs and installation, we are available, even offering a 24-hour service in case of emergency.

    Click to call us now, or fill out the contact form online to book the locals at Gawler for your electrical and air conditioning needs.

    24 Hour Service

    In case of emergency in the Gawler area, we are available 24-hours. Whether it’s for faults or repairs, we are ready to help.

    If you need an electrician day or night, contact Watson by using the click to call option, or filling out the contact form. we are available to help.

    Domestic Electrical

    Your safety and comfort is paramount. That’s why we are your first port of call in Gawler for service, installation and repair of your electrical or air conditioning needs.

    we can install, check or repair your data and communications, install and check your safety switches, and fit a smoke alarm. As well, we can improve the security of your home. Talk to them about upgrading your security system, or fixing your existing system.

    Make sure you keep your cool in summer and stay cozy in winter by having us install or repair your air conditioning. they know the Gawler area, so he knows what system is best for you in his local climate.

    Call us today for all your domestic electric needs.

    Industrial and Commercial Electrical

    Keep your business investment safe, maintained and updated by trusting us to service your electrical, and heating and cooling needs.

    With a 24-hour service, your industrial or commercial property is well taken care of in case of emergency.

    Install lighting, data and communications and air conditioning in a new property, or upgrade, rewire and repair existing systems. Spark Shark Electrical and Air Conditioning is qualified and experienced and ready to take your call to repair or install your electricals and air conditioning.

    Maintain safety standards by having Watson test and tag your devices, fit and test your smoke alarms and install or repair your security system.

    Keep your home and business safe with us

  • Electricians Gawler

    Do you have a number of electrical problems that need fixing at your home or business? or are you currently renovating or building and need a qualified team that can hook up all of your wiring and cabling? Then we will be your team. We can come to your home or business and have a number of problems fixed on the same day, and offer you expert advice on how to prevent them in the future. If you need your lighting fixed, appliances, power outlets, or even your floor heating, then we are the go to company for you. We are always on the road and will happily come to you at any time to talk with you about any needs and repairs or installations you might have. How much will an electrician in Gawler cost? The prive will always vary and depend on the amount of work, but we will guarantee that we will offer you the most competitive price and beat any competitors quote.
    If you’re looking for the best electrician near you in Gawler (5118), then call us today between the hours for 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday and we will offer you the best service at the most competitive price. We also have a 24/7 emergency after hours service for those last minute problems.

  • Electrical installations and repairs

    Do you need to have wiring and cables installed in your new home or renovated home? Or are you experiencing some electrical faults at your premises? Then we can help you every step of the way. Our amazing trade’s team are qualified to be able to install and fix anything that is powered by electricity and have it operational in the shortest possible time. We have been servicing homes and business for years and can solve anything including faulty appliances, ceiling fans both remote and hard wired, ducted air conditioning, electric ovens, lighting, smoke alarms or even your undercover floor heating system. We can handle any job regardless of the size and will make sure it is done in the safety and most diligent way. If you are in the process of building or renovating and need your home wired up, we can do everything from the cables, wires, data cables, lighting, and power sockets and even switch boards and make sure it is all running smoothly before you move back in.

  • Test and Tag Checks

    Having a test and tag service is something that is vital in ensuring that all of your appliances are safe and reliable and won’t cause any electrical fires of damage to your home or office. We will look over all of your electrical equipment and wiring to make sure that nothing is striped, damaged or faulty and give our seal of approval to show you that it is safe. We test ad tag things such as smokes alarms, safety lighting, strip lighting and all electrical appliances, computers. Having this service will give you the piece of mind knowing that everything in your home or office that runs on electricity is running smoothly and won’t cause any foreseeable damage to your premises. You may be asking, how much will a test and tag cost? The test and tag process is usually relatively cheap, depending on how much you want tested, but the amount you will save by not having to spend huge $$$ on replacing appliances and white good because they faulted is enormous.

  • Commercial and Industrial installation and maintenance

    If you’re a commercial business owner, or an industrial business owner, then you will know how much electrical equipment and cabling that is running through your building. From time to time, these can begin to fault and need replacing, which is where we come in. We offer a 24/7 service that can repair, replace and maintain appliances and office equipment, exhaust fans, ducted air conditioning and even emergency lighting to ensure that your work space is running efficiently and safely. We will leave no stone unturned in getting your electrical faults fixed and up and running again so you won’t have to worry about losing productivity. If you’re expanding your business and need new cabling, wires, lighting, and even data cabling installed, we can have it done in the quickest time frame possible while also offering you the cheapest price on all installations. We also recommend to all of our commercial and industrial owners to have a safety check on everything that runs on electricity to ensure that its running perfectly and safely.