• Mechanic Oaklands Park

    Are you in need of automotive repairs in Oaklands Park? For all your servicing and car repairs, Madaz Mechanical is your City of Marion, Adelaide motoring specialist. Since 2000, owner and operator, Darren Martin, and his team of fully qualified automotive repair technicians have been servicing and fixing all late model cars. Madaz Mechanical has a fully equipped, technologically elite, workshop ready to meets the demands of the twenty first century car. Fully accredited, highly experienced and dedicated to servicing your vehicle.

  • Car Servicing Oaklands Park

    At Madas Mechanical you will find a genuine dealership alternative for clients wanting new vehicle log book service and repairs. Your Oaklands Park car is in safe and responsible hands; Darren will make sure of that. With competitive prices, friendly customer service and a commitment to quality parts, Madaz Mechanical make sure that your experience is top notch all the way. Enjoy their pick up and drop off service for customers in the area. They service all late model cars. You will benefit from their detailed quote prior to commencing work on your vehicle and the comprehensive written report on all work completed.

  • Brake Repairs

    Don’t stint on getting your brakes seen to; they might just save your life. If you have sensed that your brakes might need repairing, don’t put it off. These are the indicators: car pulling to left or right upon braking; spongy or hard brake pedal sensation; steering wheel shudders as you brake; car takes longer than normal to come to a stop; squealing brakes; and wheels lose grip as you brake. Any of these and you should immediately get your brakes seen to by a fully qualified mechanic. Stay safe in Oaklands Park; and let Madaz Mechanical repair your vehicle’s brakes.

  • About Madaz Mechanical

    Darren Martin, and his team of automotive mechanics, love cars; and they enjoy working with them to restore them to full functioning driving ability. They are also committed to providing the very best customer service. Madaz Mechanical is an Authorised Serve Auto Group Agent, Female Friendly Accredited and is a Capricorn Registered Member. Talk to Darren today.

  • Car Air Conditioning

    In South Australia we have real summers and real winters; car air conditioning and heating are non-negotiables in these conditions. Is your car’s air con working to its capacity? It may require an air conditioning system service to restore it to its optimal working state. Don’t put up with second best; let Madaz Mechanical make a difference.

  • Auto Electrician

    When Madaz Mechanical assess your car, they may find that your malfunction is due to an electrical problem. The good news is that they have fully qualified auto electricians onsite to fix your Oaklands Park vehicle. No waiting around whilst your car is sent somewhere else; it gets done in the one place and at the same time.

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    • Darren is great to work with. He was a lot more thorough and explained in greater detail the issues with my ute. Michael 03/16/2016
    • Darren and the team did a brilliant job with my last car service. I'm glad I switched mechanics. I've saved a lot of money. Sam 03/23/2016
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