• Electricians Adelaide

    To find Adelaide electricians in your area, simply click on the number at the top of the page, or use the contact form. One of our friendly staff will get back to you to assist with your enquiry. Electricians Adelaide have proudly serviced the local community throughout all Adelaide suburbs and regional SA for many years. Our primary aim is customer satisfaction. We can handle all types of work from simple small switch repairs, right up to new home wiring for extensions and new buildings. For an honest reliable quote, get in touch with us on the number provided and we will be more than happy to drive out and assess your job.

  • Find a Local Adelaide Electrician

    "How do I choose a local Adelaide electrician?", is a common question. Don't go for the one with the shiniest ute or the flashiest business card. Start off with by contacting our friendly and experienced team. By doing so, you can see exactly who you'll be getting, and why we fit the criteria for the work you need. Don't be shy, ask us lots of questions. How long have we been in this field for? Do we have the relevant licenses? This method will allow you to find the best trades person for the job and will ensure that they have the work completed to the highest standard and within a resonable time frame. 

  • How much does an electrician cost?

    There are a lot of variables in how much an they will charge. But from experience, the hourly rate is usually somewhere between $35 and $120 an hour. The lower end is an extreme example, and you're unlikely to find one this cheap. However, depending on the size of the business, and how much work they have on, prices can really vary. Do your research and always check if they are licensed and insured for the work you need done.
    We always aim to be on the lower end of the price spectrum for our Adelaide electrical work. We are more focused on providing customer service and finishing the job off properly the first time. Our reputation is one of high quality workmanship, and we will always use the best parts and tradespeople for the job. Call us today and we will offer you a free quote before you undertake any work with us. 

  • Lighting and Electrical Switches

    Eventually your light fittings are going to deteriorate, your power points and switches are going to need an upgrade and your home may need rewiring. This is the realm of the electrician. With anything electrical it is strongly advised you use a qualified and licensed professional.

  • Eco Lighting, energy saving lighting, LED Lighting

    These aren't just electrical buzz words. Eco lighting, LED lighting and energy saving solutions can really impact on your household's bottom line. South Australia has some of the most expensive electricity in the world, and with a few simple adjustments you can make a huge difference to your household's electrical consumption.

  • Electrical Renovations

    It's easy to get caught up in the cosmetics and look of your new idea. But logistically you need power in the right places, and your electrical contractor is a hug part of that. You should consult them in the design phase as to which sections will need rewiring to your new extension or renovation. This is something you shouldn't leave too late.

  • Wiring a new Home

    In the same way as a renovation, wiring a new home requires planning. I suggest actually sitting down with the electrical contractor (Or their company) with your new house plans, to discuss the electrical layout. Their expertise can perhaps save some costly oversights, and ensure your new home has electricity in all the right places, with an efficient layout.

  • Electrical Switchboards

    It's imperative you consult a licensed professional. Switchboards are the control centre to route electricity through your home or office. They protect from power surges, and possible electrocution. If you are in a home more than 15 years old, I'd suggest getting a licensed professional like us to look at yours immediately. Having it checked can save you a huge amount of $$$$ down the track as it will ensure that there are no damaged cords, cables or any issues with your home or office setup that could spark and cause a fire. Having the board in good condition also means that the power will run smoothly through the building and not trip or short out at any point, resulting in you not having any light or power. 

  • Test and Tag Near Me

    Test and tag allows the electrician to check your electrical appliances ensuring they are in correct and efficient working order. When having this service done, you want to ensure that you choose a trades person who has the right skills and tickets to make sure that can undertake this job well enough. Having a quality test and tag completed is very important, especially on your power tools and appliances, as not having this done will mean that damaged cords and damaged parts could lead to them catching fire and causing a huge amount of damage to your home or work place. 

  • Solar Power

    Every solar power company needs a licensed electrician to install their equipment. So a lot of these trades people in Adelaide are working full time on solar. Especially with recent incentives. Whilst every solar installer should be an qualified in electrical work, not every one is a solar installer. As with any trade, read reviews, read what they do, and check credentials. Having this type of solar system installed on your home or business is one of the best ways to power the building at the cheapest rate, so you can save $$$ on your power bills. We stock some of the best, and highest graded systems on the market at the most competitive price. If you need a  3kw solar system or would like to know 5kw solar system prices Adelaide, then call us today and we will be able to help you every step of the way. A lot of people always ask if there are government rebates for such systems, and this is something that we can help you with and may even be able to guide you to a solar panels interest free setup.

  • Electrical Rewiring

    Eventually your home is going to need electrical rewiring. This is one area where I would suggest you get a few quotes and opinions. Rewiring can be a large sometimes messy job, and you want to make sure you get enough honest tradesmen saying the same thing to you. We are one of the best teams when it comes to this type of work. We have a qualified, skilled and dedicated team that can undertake any type or rewiring job no matter how big or small, for all homes, offices and workplaces. Call us today and we will be able to get you a free quote for the job before you get started. 

  • Safety Switches

    Again, something extremely essential. Electrical safety switches monitor the flow of electricity and can trip when the electrical current escapes. If you have one or more around your home or office, it is essential to have them checked often to ensure that they are working properly. This can be undertaken by a quality electrician and should be done so every few years. If you are looking at having a few safety switch installed in your home or office, call us today and we will be able to provide you with a free quote before you get started. 


  • 24 Hour Electrician Adelaide

    If you are stuck in a bind and your power has gone out, your fuse box has blown, one or more of your lights have blown, or an electrical appliance has stopped working, then we have the service for you. We run an operate one of the best emergency electrical repair services in Adelaide and provide a level of quality and customer satisfaction that cant be beaten. No matter what has happened in and around your home, we can have the issue fixed within the quickest time frame to serve your convenience. Don't get stuck in the dark and call a company that won't turn up, call us and we will arrive at your residence within the fastest time and have any wiring, light, fuse box, solar panel and a wide host of other problems fixed. 

  • Electrical Repairs

    We have some great tradies who can carry out electrical repairs to your home or home appliances. They are some of the best in the industry and are fully qualified to undertake any repairs that you may need completed at your home or business. WE operate a 24 hour service as well so if you have any issues, no matter the time of day, we can have them fixed ASAP. To find a great local electrician in your area, click on the link below that applies to you.

  • Domestic Electricians Adelaide

    If you're looking for the best domestic elecectrical trades person, then we are your team. We have some of the best and highly trained people ijn the industry and can take car of all of your home, office and workshop needs. Call us today and we will be able to come out and see you at any time. 

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