• Mobile Mechanic in Munno Para

  • Auto Mobile Mechanic

    You know your need to get your car serviced, but you simply can’t find the time. It keeps getting pushed to the back of your to-do list. Now you can stop putting it off. Instead, just give us a call. We’ll come out to your home, office or anywhere else your car is sitting for a few hours. All you need to do is give us your address in Munno Para and we’ll send one of our experienced mobile mechanics. 

    About Back On Track Mobile Mechanic

    We repair all car makes and models, as well as 4WDs, motorbikes, trucks, trailers and boats. All of our repairs and servicing are carried out with all of the equipment in our vans, so there’s really no problem we can’t fix.

    We could do these services with in our sleep (well, nearly!)

    • A log book service
    • Auto air conditioning servicing
    • Diesel services
    • Check your brakes
    • Review your suspension
    • Conduct repairs
    • Fixing brakes
    • Steering
    • Cooling systems
    • Radiators.

    Time to get your air conditioner fixed

    So, you’ve been driving around with your windows down. It’s ok in winter, because it’s not hot, but as soon as summer approaches you’ll be wishing you had it re-gassed. The best time to get your air conditioner looked at is now.

    Save money and get in before the summer rush. Just give us a time and a place and we’ll be there. Our mobile mechanics will:

    • Check cooling and overall operation
    • Carry out checks for leaks and receiver-dryer contamination
    • Check system pressures
    • Check and adjust compressor drive belt
    • Clean condenser
    • Evacuate system via recovery station and recharge
    • Re-check performance.

    We see air conditioner problems every single day. Here are a few of the common problems we see. 

    • Coolant or refrigerant leaks: This is the most common issue. If your vehicle hasn’t had a recent coolant flush or it’s travelled over 20,000km, it’s time for a refill.
    • Noisy compressor: Can you hear noises when your air conditioner is turned on? This could be the engine or hose, but it may be a symptom of problems with the compressor. Get it checked as soon as possible.
    • Fluctuating temperatures:A bad thermostat or a restriction somewhere in the system can cause this.

    Bacteria build up:Notice weird smells? This could be a build up of bacteria in the evaporator. Again, get onto this quickly – for your own health, as well as your air conditioners.