• Test and Tag in Keswick

  • Bee Safe Test and Tag

    Bee Safe Test & Tag will come to your Keswick business, and test all of your electrical appliances. When it comes to your business, playing around with electricity just simply isn’t worth it. For a prompt and professional test and tag service, call our team of experts. Our service helps maintain the safety of your business, as well as ensuring you’re abiding by the South Australian Government regulations.

    Why focus on workplace safety?

    If you employ a team, there’s a level of care that’s involved. You’ve got people coming to work in your business everyday, as well as customers. If you’re warehouse, office or shop isn’t safe, there’s a risk of injury, and even death. Workplace safety should be your #1 priority as a business owner. But unfortunately, it’s hard to find the time to hone your health and safety procedures. You’re busy running your business, which is where we come in.

    At Bee Safe Test & Tag, we come into your business to minimise electrical hazards. Everyday, we perform visual and defect checks, microwave testing, power box backups, and earth leakage tests – just to name a few. Our systematic risk management approach to eliminating electrical hazards has been honed over the years.

    We inspect, repair, maintain, and replace – when required. We service Keswick and the surrounding suburbs, making sure all businesses in the area are running safely and performing well.

    What if I hire my electrical equipment?

    All electrical equipment, whether it’s hired or purchased, needs to be inspected, tested and tagged – in line with the Standard, AS/NZS 3760:2010. As long as it’s being used, it needs to be checked. Make sure your employees are protected with an industry certified test and tag service.

    About Bee Safe Test & Tag

    We’ve can manage all of your test and tag requirements to safeguard your business, and its assets – your people and your equipment. We pride ourselves on making safety our number one priority… and making it yours too. So many businesses we meet are unaware of their safety requirements. We believe it’s our job to inform you, so you adhere to your legal responsibilities. Using the latest portable appliance testers, we individually bar code your electrical equipment. This means you’ll have a current inventory list for asset management.

    Give us a call today if you’re running a business, any time of business, in Keswick.