• Bathroom Renovations Flagstaff Hill

    When you think of Fawcett Plumbing, a bathroom renovation probably isn’t the first thing to pop into your mind. But we have a range of bathroom services that span further than just plumbing. We help residents in Flagstaff Hill to transform their bathrooms. This includes waterproofing and tiling, as well as adding new products to modernise an old bathroom.

  • Rejuvenate your bathroom

    Sick of your old bathroom? Broken tiles? Shower not powerful enough? We see it all the time. Everyday, actually. This is why we’ve introduced a new bathroom renovations service to our portfolio. So now we can help you with more than just your plumbing issues – we can work together to create something… your brand new bathroom.

  • About Us

    We have years of building experience. This means our name is a name that you can trust. We work in homes and businesses, on large and small projects. You can always expect professional advice, as well as free obligation-free quotes. We not only stand by our work – but our word too.

    Talk to us about your ideal budget, design features you’d like to include, and how to make the most out of your space – whether it’s big or small. Our expert bathroom knowledge can help you save money. And we’ve got a bunch of tips to give you too, so let’s get chatting.

  • Invest in your bathroom and add Value to your House

    Many people invest in their kitchen before their bathroom. Why? It’s a place we prepare food and entertain people. While that’s all well and good, our bathrooms are also a special place.

    Renovating your bathroom is one of the quickest and most effective ways to add value to your home – and life. Whether it’s a basic refurbishment job or a complete overall, you’re going to love your new bathroom. It’s like taking a holiday, everyday. Think about it.

    Isn’t one of the first things that you notice when you’re staying in a hotel the bathroom? It’s because it’s modern, clean and often unique. Considering the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, prioritising the renovation is a good idea.