• Roof Restoration Morphett Vale

    Be the house that all of your neighbours and passers by envy. The best way to achieve this is through a complete roof restoration. And it’s easy, with the help of Star Rating Solutions. We service Morphett Vale and its surrounding suburbs, so if you know your roof needs some TLC, give us a call. No more leaks. No more broken tiles. No more “I wish we had a roof that looked like that.”

  • Roof respray and tile replacement

    For affordable roof restoration, we often need to respray your roof or replace your tiles. We believe in restoring and repairing, instead of installing a brand new roof. This saves you money on something that can get the same result.

    We can fix cracked tiles, dirty tiles, fading paint, leaks and more.

  • About Star Rating Solutions

    At Star Rating Solutions, we have a motto: we won’t be beaten on value. This means that we provide quality roof restorations that you can afford.

    Your roof makes up 40% of the overall value of your home. This is nearly half of your home – so it pays to keep it well maintained and looking great. By investing in a roof restoration, you’re investing in a big portion of your home. This is why we work on all types of roofs in Morphett Vale and beyond. We help residents improve their homes by 40%, just by updating their roof.

  • Why does my roof need to be cleaned?

    There are many reasons why you need to clean your roof regularly. Let’s go through three of the main reasons.

    • Prevent damage

    By cleaning your roof, you’re preventing the build up of things that accumulate on your roof over time. The longer they sit there, the more damage they cause – and the harder they are to remove.

    • Visual appeal

    You only need to step outside on your front or back doormat to see all of your neighbour’s roofs. Step a bit further, maybe to your letterbox, and you’ll see yours. Taking care of your roof will keep it looking great.

    • Ward off rodents

    You can limit the amount of rodents that take refuge in your roof, by keeping it in optimal condition.

  • Contact us for a Roofing Repair Quote in Morphett Vale

    Let us take care of your roof for you. Call us on 1300 806 908 or email us with the direct contact form at the bottom of the page. Or if you’re just browsing, make an enquiry for your unique roofing project.

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