• Resurfacing in Woodcroft


    Do you have unfulfilled dreams for your kitchen? Are you looking to upgrade your cooking space but have found that renovation is just too expensive and inconvenient? Resurfacing Adelaide can help. At Resurfacing Adelaide, we’re Woodcroft’s best option for revamping kitchens on a budget. We will resurface your cabinets, splashbacks, benchtops, frames and doors with new laminates and veneers to give you the look and feel you envision. We offer a wide range of colors, materials, and textures for all of our products to ensure you can mix and match pieces or even just blend everything in. So why not give us a call at 0412 385 82 for a FREE quote? 


    The modern bathroom is no longer a place where you want to get in and out of quickly. It can often be a refuge from the world; somewhere to get some alone time and peace from your busy schedule. So it stands to reason that sometimes your bathroom will need an upgrade. If you want to give your bathroom a fresh new look but don’t want to outlay outlandish amounts to do it, resurfacing is the way to go. At Resurfacing Adelaide we will resurface your tiles, vanities, and recoat your grout to prevent water damage to the room’s foundations. At Resurfacing Adelaide, we are proud to resurface Woodcroft’s bathrooms and add value to Woodcroft’s homes and properties. 


    Resurfacing is the best alternative to renovating because it is cost effective and fast. If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen or bathroom, and you don’t want workmen streaming in and out of your home for months on end, or to be stuck with a $20,000 bill, resurfacing is definitely the way to go. If the work you need done is mainly cosmetic, you can save time by not having your rooms gutted and refitted. You can also save up to 70% on the cost of renovations if you choose to resurface the room with Resurfacing Adelaide. If you’ve never considered resurfacing an option before, now is time to do it! We look forward to going over your options with you. 


    So maybe you’ve come around to the idea of resurfacing, but want to know why you should choose us. Well, let us go through a few reasons with you. At Resurfacing Adelaide, we’ve been in the business for a very long time and we know what it takes to satisfy our clients. In our time we’ve built a reputation for our workmanship, unmatched results, can-do attitude and dedication to providing you the absolute best resurfacing service in South Australia. All of our services come with guarantees and we provide FREE quotes and consultations to all who are interested in what we do. We use only low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sprays, which mean that the rooms we work in are safe to enter merely a few hours after we’ve finished. So if you’re in Woodcroft, and you want to know more about us, give us a call at 0412 385 82, and let Resurfacing Adelaide resurface your home!