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    Need an auto electrician that can do anything? At PK Mobile Auto Electrical, we’ve got nearly 15 years under our belt. Our price is great, our service is even better and we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. We’re open Monday to Saturday, 8-5pm – and Sunday by request. We service all areas of Adelaide, including Croydon Park. So, call us on 0412 241 341 if you need car servicing, auto electrical repairs, starter motor repairs, alternator repairs, fuel pump replacements, car diagnostics, 4WD accessories and more.

    Auto air conditioning

    Experts in mobile auto electrical servicing, we also offer a range of specialist services, including full air conditioning re-gassing, repair and maintenance. We’ll run a full check on your system to check prior re-gassing, to make sure we’re not diagnosing incorrectly. Our team will also test your compressor to analyse whether the problem lies there or with something else.

    Our custom air conditioning service includes:

    • Leak and pressure testing
    • Retrofitting
    • Re-gassing and installs
    • New, second-hand or rebuilt compressors
    • Climate control modules

    And anything else related to the repair and maintenance of your air conditioning system.

    The auto electrician that comes to you

    Forget about taking a day off work to take your car in to get fixed. At PK Mobile Auto Electrical, our mobile auto electrical and vehicle repair service means you can continue with your day. And don’t think we’ll charge you a premium rate. This service is as affordable as it gets – plus as convenient as it gets. Our mobile units are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, so your skilled technician can get the job done – and fast! Let us work on your car, caravan, trailer, truck or earthmoving equipment. We’re fully insured, so don’t stress about us working in your driveway or shed.


    Testing and installing car batteries

    You don’t need to worry about getting to an auto repair shop when your battery fails. We can quickly install a new one, on almost any vehicle in Adelaide. We’ve got a full range of leading brand name batteries in stock, just when you need them. Whether you need a jump-start, battery test, or a new unit installation, talk to PK Mobile Auto Electrical. We can help arrange:

    • Battery and charging system testing
    • Memory protected installations
    • Expert new battery installation
    • Jump starting service
    • Environmentally friendly battery disposal
    • Top-quality car, truck, tractor, and golf buggy batteries
    • Motorbike, scooter, and caravan batteries
    • Deep cycle batteries.

    Make sure your next service is carried out correctly, with us.