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  • Panini Brothers Bakery

    So, you live in Newton? Well you probably already know about us at Panini Brothers. We’ve been around for over 10 years, and we’re here to stay. Why? Because we love bringing authentic Italian-style bakery food to you and your neighbours. You can find us at 2/4 Jan Street Newton, so just a stones-throw away from your house. Come and say hi!

    Adelaide’s best pastries 

    At Panini Brothers, we bring Italy to Newton, with our wide range of fresh pastries – made fresh everyday. From sweet to savoury, you’re not going to have to look for long to find something that you like. Take a seat and enjoy your food, or bring it with you, as you go about your day.

    Here are a few of the types of pastries you can find: 

    • Apricot pies
    • Apple pies
    • Family pies
    • Pastry slices
    • Curry pies
    • Savoury pies
    • Mushroom pies
    • Chicken and mushroom pies
    • Chicken pies
    • Chunky steak pies
    • Pepper steak pies
    • Potato pies
    • Cheese and bacon sausage rolls
    • Traditional sausage rolls
    • Vegetarian pasties
    • Cherry pies
    • Chicken and feta quiches
    • Vegetable frittatas
    • Calzones
    • Garlic bread
    • Quiche lorraines
    • Lasange and ravioli.


    Feel free to re-heat any of our meals. They’re delicious the next day too.

    About Panini Brothers

    Looking for Adelaide’s best bakery? At Panini Brothers, we’ve been told by locals in Newton and visitors around Adelaide that we have the best food. Our reputation speaks for itself – with the highest quality cakes, pastries, pizzas and breads. We make all of our food fresh, on-site, every morning – and throughout the day. This is whyour customers keep coming back… fresh, authentic food, family run, and great customer service. We believe buying your cake and coffee is a morning ritual you should look forward to. And we’re happy to be a part of this everyday.

    Café in Newton 

    Looking for a local café in Newton? Or maybe just a great spot to keep in mind every time you’re craving a good slice of cake and coffee. Come and try Panini Brothers. We do great breakfast and lunch food, to enjoy both in our café and out on the road with you. Our café is homely and inviting. And all of our cabinets are stocked with amazing food – freshly baked cakes, croissants, slices, danishes, biscuits etc.

    The Panini Brothers experience is meant to be a relaxing one. An experience to enjoy with family, friends, or even by yourself, with a great book.