• Concrete Driveways Adelaide

    Adelaide Concrete specialise in pathways and driveways. Our contractors have been in the industry for many years, and are fully licensed and insured for all small concreting work.

    We don't skimp on the footings or steel reinforcement, which means you get a quality driveway that will stand the test of time.

    Our highly skilled experts can create a variety of finishes, and a wide array of colours. This means even the classiest or most unique home can benefit from a custom job from Driveways SA

    Does your driveway need a bit of love? Or do you need an entirely new one for your brand new home or business? We can fit your property with a stunning concrete driveway solution, transforming its look and greatly improving its street appeal. We have a wide array of concrete finishes and colours as well as textures such as exposed aggregate, slate impression and polished concrete which are suitable for every type of property. So whether you want a dramatic looking driveway, or something a bit more subdued, we are able to provide you with anything. Not only can we provide you with an amazing looking driveway, with the quality in products and material we use, it will also last a lifetime.

  • Benefits of Our Driveways

    As opposed to paved driveways, concrete does not allow as much small movement or moisture penetration. This means that over time sink holes will not appear, unlike with paving.
    Concrete driveways are also lower maintenance, harder wearing and weed proof. With our wide array of concrete mixes, colours and patterns, you are sure to find something low maintenance yet with a high visual impact. We hold our valid building work contractor.

    We are the masters when it comes to all types of concreting in Adelaide. A beautifully laid form of concrete can make all the difference to your existing residential home or commercial business. Here at Lino Concrete we can cater to our services to what ever project you may be undertaking such as the smaller home projects like sheds verandas, patios, foot paths and driveways. We are also passionate about undertaking larger scale commercial tasks such as large shed floors, car parks, residential sites, up stand kerbing and spoon drains. If you want your next build to really stand out and make a difference to your premises, then you need a concreting service with passion and dedication that won’t skip on the small things. Choose us and you will notice the difference.

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete

    We are the exposed aggregate driveway specialists. Exposed aggregate looks simply stunning when done by a qualified professional. The customer can get involved with choosing the style of pebbles to go through and on the surface.
    From there, we give it a quick acid wash to expose the pebbles, and seal the finished driveway. We have many examples of this style of decorative concrete work, so please ask us about this or look through our photo gallery of work done.

  • About Us

    With over 35 years experience providing concreting and earthmoving services in Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs, Lino Concreting and Earth Moving services have gained a reputation for producing high quality workmanship and a competitive price. A large percentage of our concreting business comes from word of mouth or referrals from current clients, which is defiantly a great testament to our incredible service and attention to detail. Our business is not just tied to concreting though, we also offer some incredible services including earthmoving, skip bin hire and even landscaping.


    So why not call us on 0412 393 407 or email us at linoconcrete@bigpond.com for your next residential or commercial transformation project and we can bring a new sense of excitement and professionalism to your next project.

  • Patterned and Coloured Concrete

    Every home is unique and every home owner wants to make a statement. We do every style of concrete driveway from mild to wild, but some of our most popular options include different stencils pressed into the wet cement to create a stylish look. We have a variety to choose from, and all create beautiful patterns such as a slate look, or a cobblestone look, when pressed into the fresh cement.
    As well as patterned driveways, we do coloured ones as well. This is through an oxide colour of your choice thrown in the mix. You can choose to leave it as a subtle colour, or for a bold finish we can paint and seal your driveway also.

  • Driveway Concreters

    So contact our friendly team on the number above, we can show you all our design options, or better yet, measure up your front area and we can give you an estimate over the phone. Licensed and insured: Builders License number Bld0263058.

  • Earthmoving

    We at Lino Concreting and Earthmoving provide a professional and efficient service with the quality to match and will take care of any job with a high regard to safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. We are more than experienced in handling large and small projects in both the residential and commercial industry. We offer a complete earth moving service, and will even have the site cleaned up and ready for the next step. The excavation service we provide entails site cut/bench, sand filling, footing levels, general site levelling and all of the paving and concrete preparation. If you need an earth moving service that will not only provide you with the results that you expect, but can have them completed on time and at an affordable price, then get in contact with us today and see how our experience can make the biggest difference to your project.

  • Skip Bin Hire

    If you’ve just had a huge spring clean up, or need materials moved from a construction site that are just getting in the way, our skip bin hire will be the perfect solution for you. What ever your waste management needs may be. We can provide the perfect sized skip bin for you. We have three main sizes of bins that range from.

    4 metre cubic bin, which is ideal for general household/office waste and green waste
    6 metre cubic bin, which is also a great option for general waste and heavier items
    9 metre cubic bin, this is ideal for larger clean up and construction sites with large amount of material and waste

    So if you just want a quick clean up of your garage, or you need more room on your work site, then call us today and we will talk with you about providing the right sized bin for your needs.

  • Landscaping

    Is your back or front yard of your home or business looking a bit depleted? Has it not had any attention for as long as you can remember? Then our professional landscaping team can take your dreary yard and transform it into a paradise of lush grass and blossoming plants. We want you to have to perfect yard so we will have one of our expert landscapers sit down with you to fully understand your dream back or front yard. We will then draft up a detailed and amazing design so you can see the vision start to come to life.

    We can provide you with any style of yard that your heart desires, its really only limited to your imagination. We have all types of scenery and materials that we can include in your design including beautiful artificial lawn and turf, garden edging, irrigation pumps and hoses, planting of gorgeous plants, trees and flowers, different types of rock and pebbles, mulching and much more.

    Every back and front yard deserves to truly show it potential, whether it is for a residential property, or a commercial one, don’t leave it looking like no one has loved it in years, choose us and we will make it bloom like spring has just sprung.

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