• Electric Roof Awnings Hackham

    Have you heard about retractable awnings in Hackham? These marvelously innovative outdoor features can change the colour of your day. Too hot, push a button and get shade, not enough sun, retract your awning and maximise the day’s warmth. Focus Home Improvements has been servicing Adelaide homes for more than thirty five years. South Australian houses, apartments and businesses have benefited from their top quality outdoor living solutions. Residents in the southern suburbs have, likewise, had their environmental options expanded. Life is too short to stay cooped up inside all day; entertain outside, but with the protection retractable awning and patio rooves provide.

  • Hackham Homes Get Free Quotes

    Focus Home Improvements are offering residents of the area a chance to get a free no obligation quote on electric roof awnings and retractable patio roof systems. You might be surprised at just how affordable these life changing and property resale increasing home improvements are. Factory direct prices and pensioner discounts are all on the table right now. Plus, interest free terms with Certegy*.

  • Patio Retractable Roof Systems Offer Flexible Living

    Christmas and all your outdoor entertaining will never be the same after Focus Home Improvements install your purpose built retractable patio roof system. Our homes are, in most cases, our single largest lifetime investment; so why don’t we make better use of them? Technology now affords motorised awnings and retractable patio roof systems, so that we can all enjoy al fresco living. Make your home into a resort and stop wasting money going out to expensive, second rate, restaurants. Change the aspect of your Hackham home at the touch of a button.

  • Folding Arm Awnings for Hackham Houses

    You can get a folding arm awning measuring up to twelve metres wide and three point five metres out; that creates a lot of shaded outdoor living space. Liberate your family from the limitations of your home’s indoor space and expand onto the piazza; that you can now set up. Control your temperate requirements at the flick of a switch, as your awning folds out or retracts. Spring is the season of love and you can rediscover your ability to smell the flowers. Get a life, don’t wait, days of pleasure await you.

  • Why Choose Focus?

    A proven track record with top quality electric roof awnings, made in Australia, from marine grade materials engineered for our tough South Australian conditions. Your Hackham home will look and feel like new; and your family will thank you day after day for opening up paradise on the patio. Come and visit the Focus Home Improvement’s Adelaide showroom and see the huge range of styles and colours available.

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