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    On your life to-do list, owning a house is probably up there. It’s an exciting process, but sometimes an overwhelming one. There are hidden fees and misleading interest rates to look out for. It can be stressful. Since launching Advantage Finance, we’ve always focused on transparency and making sure our clients enjoy the ride.

    We understand that each homebuyer has a different set of needs and we cater to yourindividual requirements. Are you a Valley View (5093) resident? Call Grant Renshaw, from Advantage Finance, to get all of the home loan advice you need. Grant's Australian Credit License number is 384510.

    Mortgage broker

    Mortgage brokers know banks. And we know the best ones out there. Our partnership with leading banks and money-lending institutions like ING, Adelaide Bank, Citi Bank, and Sun Corp Group gives us the advantage over our competitors. This ensures you get the very best loan on the market.

    About Advantage Finance

    Here at Advantage Finance SA, we specialise in self-managed super funds, low-coc home loans, first homebuyer loans, consolidating debt, and finance options for investors. All our staff are experienced, highly trained and knowledgeable in home and property loans – always ready to go out of their way to help you. We work with banks including Adelaide Bank, Advantedge, ANZ, Bank SA, Bankwest, Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, GE Money, NAB, ING, St. George, Suncorp Group, and Macquarie Bank.

    Consider investing in property

    There are many options available for you to choose from when considering taking out a mortgage or loan on your home. Here are a few we offer:

    1. Self managed super funds

    Self managed super funds are perfect for home owners that want to buy a second property but don’t have enough funds to make the full payment upfront. Your SMSF can make an equity contribution to the property or house and borrow the rest of the money. With an SMSF you can accelerate the rate at which you grow your retirement savings grow.

    1. Refinancing

    There are a number of reasons why you might want to look into refinancing your home or property. One might be your change in needs. When you signed into your loan, mortgage or other financing plans you might have had different needs than the ones you currently have. Your family may have grown, or the kids may have moved out. All of these things can change your home loan needs. Refinancing can also mean lower interest rates, quicker payouts, and greater flexibility. You can choose from over 30 partners, and see if they’re features are better than the ones you’re on.

    Gain leverage and increase your cash flow, by investing in property. Build your financial freedom for the future, with the help of Advantage Finance.