• Retaining Walls at Norwood

    A good quality retaining wall can complement a garden beautifully, serving a practical use, and bringing value to your property. But how do you choose which materials are best for your landscape and outdoor style? Is it better to use railway sleepers? Or treated timbers? Perhaps you prefer a more rustic look with wall stones, natural stones, bricks or concrete block. Whatever your preference, We will know the best solution for your residential or commercial property. With years of experience in the industry, owner/operator are the best in the Norwood area for your retaining wall needs.


  • Landscaping and Excavation Work

    To make the most of your outdoor area, a retaining wall can provide an efficient use of space,stylish levels and an attractive structure to your land. Trust us to deliver landscaping and excavation to enhance the look and functionality of your home or business. Troy will excavate and landscape the area to allow accessibility to your outdoor entertainment area, driveway or patio.
    We have built retaining walls all through Norwood and surrounding suburbs, so they are familiar with the area and the requirements of your land. Give them a call today for personalised service and precise work.

  • Pathways and Driveways

    First impressions last, so make sure the entrance to your home is looking the best it possibly can by using our expertise in pathways and driveways to enhance your property.Decorative steps can complement a garden, and a pathway can provide clear and convenient accessibility for you and your guests.Chat with us and we will consult with you to make sure he creates the best look for your home or business. We uses quality materials, and his attention to detail and precise workmanship will make all the difference to your outdoor design.

  • Why chooseus?

    Owned and operated by a South Australian local, we are the first choice in retaining walls. With years of experience and know how, we have enhanced the look of properties in Norwood and all over Adelaide, and takes genuine pride in his work. If you’re wanting to make better use of the space in your outdoor area, or seeking expert advice on whether a retaining wall is the right choice for your property, talk to us.