• Pest Control in Golden Grove

  • Eradicating your pest problem is easy with OzPest. We are Golden Grove’s leading pest control technicians experienced at dealing with all pest infestation issues, from spiders, termites, ants, bees and even bedbugs. Our child and pet friendly treatments will ensure a thorough and long lasting solution for your property. We service all client facilities, including office blocks, hotels, worksites and residential properties. OzPest wants to make your home or business pest free and safe once more, so don’t wait, call our pest control technicians today!

  • About OzPest

    We’ve built our reputation as a family owned and operated business on the principles of providing a reliable, quality and affordable service to our Golden Grove clients. Owner Rob Hore and his friendly team of fully licensed and insured technicians, have years of industry experience dealing with pest infestations big and small. So for advice, tips and great deals on pest control treatments, check out our Facebook page or website and let the trusted team at OzPest get the problem sorted today. 

  • The Pest Control Specialists

    Pests can be hiding anywhere on your property, including garages, sheds, decks and gazebos. Our comprehensive inspection will help us find and remove the infestation quickly and affordably. We deal with: 

    • Bed Bugs: These bloodsucking bugs love to infest your mattress and bed base, causing irritation and discomfort. Our insecticide treatments are safe and effective at eradicating infestations. For confidential treatment of bed bugs in your hotel or home, call OzPest.
    • Spiders: OzPest spider removal treatments are odourless, stain-free and safe for your children and pets. We back our treatments with a 6 month guarantee so you won’t have to worry about redbacks, whitetips or funnel web spiders putting your family at risk.
    • Flies: Fruit flies, drain flies and blow flies are a common annoyance in the suburbs of Adelaide. We’ll help you make your property a no-fly zone with fast and effective treatments.
    • Bees & Wasps: Your property’s plants, fruit trees and outdoor areas are all idea places for bees and wasps to swarm and create nests. Stings from bees and wasps are painful and can be deadly, so talk to OzPest about insect eradication and nest removal for your property.
    • Ants: Long trails of ants appearing around your property? OzPest use effective, smell and stain free treatments to eradicate ant activity while keeping your family and pets safe. Our sprays, dusts and baits will work quickly to deliver an ant-free home in no time, all with a 6 month guarantee. 
  • Protect Your Home From Termites

    Termites are a reality in Adelaide’s suburbs, so make sure you are proactive and book a termite inspection with OzPest. Our technicians use Termatrac T3i technology, borescopes and moisture meters to conduct a thorough search for termite activity and develop the right plan for your property. Ensure you book in a pre-purchase inspection before you sign your final purchase contract too.  

    For termite-free homes, OzPest install a variety of in-soil chemical and physical barrier treatments to prevent termite infiltration occurring. However, if our inspection report detects termite activity, we use a special, non-toxic combination of barriers, baits and dusts to eradicate the termites and prevent future damage. Using quality products such as Termidor, and continuously updating our procedures, you can rest assured that OzPest has you covered.