• Wedding Photography in McLaren Vale

  • Your wedding day deserves to be captured in stunning, elegant style. Film Noir specialise in unique, cinematic photography to capture every priceless, beautiful moment of your day. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so it’s important to trust a passionate professional with your memories. Book a consultation with Jerry & Ela today and begin your special journey with the team at Film Noir. 

  • Your Photographers

    The team at Film Noir Wedding Photography are a close, harmonious duo: Jerry Zimmer and Ela Bozek. Their mutual love of cinema led them to start the business and bring cinematic photography to McLaren Vale’s wedding arena. By working in tandem at your wedding, one man and one women, Jerry and Ela believe they provide balance, capture all perspectives and never miss a precious moment of your special day.

    Jerry Zimmer

    Jerry’s photography style is heavily influenced by his passion for film. After 15 years of working in a cinema, he developed an admiration for the way cinematographers could tell a story through artfully composed scenes. So it was only natural for him that this cinematic style flow through into his photography.

    Jerry’s favourite moments in his work are when he captures a bride’s smile when her husband has just whispered something sweet into her ear. Priceless moments like these make for gorgeous pictures. He sets up couples in a movie setting and then sequences his shots similar to a film – long and close shots and shots from each person’s perspective. Jerry believes Ela is the perfect work partner with their shared cinematic vision and cohesive teamwork.

    Ela Bozek

    Ela Bozek is originally from Poland, and decided to start a new life with husband Sebastian and daughter Zoe in Australia. A love of the outdoors and coastal life, Ela settled in Adelaide and loves spending time snorkeling and swimming along the coast. Camera always in hand, Ela likes exploring different parts of Adelaide, looking for unique locations and backdrops for amazing wedding photos.

    Ela likes to play with light, camera lenses and digital technology to create artistic images. She has a strong affinity with film and this led her to develop her cinematic style, and find a business partner, Jerry, who had the same passion. During a photo shoot, you’ll notice that Ela likes to get nice and personal with her subjects, by using wide lens cameras, to create an inmate and natural feel for her photos. 

  • Our Unique Style

    At Film Noir Wedding Photography, we believe that telling your unique wedding day story requires a special style. Cinematic Photography. Film and photography have always been related, and so the techniques for framing the perfect ‘shot’ in cinema, can be applied to photography as well – with breathtaking results. This style is quite dramatic, distinctive and exquisite. We create a depth of colour, texture and intensity in our photographs, just like you’d see in the movies. But in this story, you are the stars.

    Our dedicated team seamlessly combine natural and artificial lighting, bokeh (soft, out of focus areas) and you, the subject, in a brilliant landscape that tells the viewer of your love story. We shoot from all perspectives, his and hers, in a range of wide and intimate shots. Together, we’ll create your own movie quality sequence in photos. Arrange an appointment with Film Noir Wedding Photography today to talk more about our unique and memorable cinematic style.

  • Service & Packages

    We’d love you to choose Film Noir for your day. Jerry and Ela use Sony Mirrorless cameras, with inbuilt sensors, to ensure every shot is captured in amazing resolution. 

    We’re currently offering 25% off our 8 hour package. You’ll receive 450 colour corrected images, including 150 stunning creative edits all on a custom USB stick, ready to be printed by your chosen professional. This package also includes an engagement shoot and a one hour consultation so we can get to know each other before the big day.

    To secure your wedding date in McLaren Vale, call Film Noir and book a consultation today.